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The Vistered theme was originally designed for WordPress by Windy Road, it was ported to blogger by IT Mag, who also made a massive multi style modification that was rarely seen for blogger.


  • Xml Beta Blogger Template.
  • 2 Column Blogger Template.
  • It has Black Dominant Colour.
  • You can Change its Background styles.
  • It has a transparent rounded frame.
  • Easy Costumizable.

Well firstly lets start of with the unique feature of this template, just under the site title on the top left you can see a few small squares. What these squares actually do is enable the user to change the main background of the page. If that isn’t super cool I do not know what else could be.

This feature makes this template super for a photo blogger. Now lets get back to describing the template, the header contains a very faint search bar on the right hand side. Apart from the above features the template is a stylish two column template for blogger.

The post and sidebar background is Black with some Transparent borders, which makes a good combination with the changing images. I think this will be the template I use for the photo blog, only wish the size was broader.

You Can Put your own wallpapers.How?
First take a good Wallpaper of any size,upload it to any free image host.
Now open the downloaded template in wordpad and see for the thing highlighted in the image below:

Change the image link with the image link which you uploaded.



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Mike July 13, 2010 at 6:15 pm

This is a pretty cool template.I might give it a go for my Blog

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