New toolbar, AJAX saving, and other fixes for the post editor

by Sushant Risodkar

Blogger in draft have released a few enhancements to the new post editor, fixed some bugs, created a new one or two, and left a handful of things to fix later.

New Stuff

  • AJAX save.
    We’re still not saving posts automatically, but now the “Save Now”
    button will keep the post editor open, and Ctrl-S works as a shortcut for
    saving. (Internet Explorer users: use Ctrl-Shift-S to save.)

  • New toolbar. This
    toolbar looks better, loads more quickly, and has undo and redo buttons. By
    popular demand, the full justification button has returned. We’ve also added a
    strike through button and improved the color palettes.
  • Vertical
    You can now change the height of the post editor by dragging
    the resize handle in the lower right (near the labels field). The size is
    saved in a per-user, per-blog preference.

Fixed Bugs

  • <div>s in Edit HTML are now better-preserved in Compose mode. This
    should fix most post summary hacks. If your hack uses

    tags, please switch to using


  • Lists created in Compose mode can now have new items added to them after
    switching to Edit HTML and back.

  • Line breaking is no longer lost when editing a post in the old editor that
    was first written in the new editor.

  • Nested block-level elements no longer create odd blank lines.

  • Non-breaking spaces now consistently appear as

    in Edit HTML mode.

New Bugs

(that we know about)

  • The publish and save buttons wrap oddly on Mac browsers.

Major Remaining Bugs (that we know about)

  • The Font Size menu has 4 sizes instead of 5, and “normal” looks small.

  • Paragraph tags are lost when switching from Edit HTML to Compose.

  • The Blockquote button still behaves oddly, especially in Internet

  • The URL an image links to cannot be changed without using Edit HTML mode.

  • Images inserted with this editor do not pick up border styles from the
    blog template.

  • Inserting a new link with the link dialog loses your place in the post.

Find anything else? See:How to report HTML bugs with the new post editor

Things Left To Add

  • Toolbar in Edit HTML mode
  • Autosave
  • Spellcheck
  • Video upload
  • FTP image upload
  • Bi-directional text input and Indic transliteration
  • and a handful
    of smaller things too numerous to include here

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