Top 10 Entrecard Droppers For July Month

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This month Entrecard droppers of Templates Treasure has changed a lot from the past month. I have been dropping cards in a superb way, I made a total of 8981 drops this month,i would have completed 9000 drops this month but my account was disabled for few hrs since i published a BBC news.See the pic below to see the drops i made in last 30 days:

As I mentioned few days back here, if you make highest drops for the month you will be awarded 300 ec and the second place winners will get 50 ec each .

Being said that, I have sent the winners there prizes and here is a little link love for serious top 10 droppers for the last 30 days: (Month of July 2008)

Top Droppers

  1. PipeB Web Hosting
  2. Search Engine Panel
  3. Juliana’s World
  4. 60 Were Enough
  5. My Library
  6. Article Specialist
  7. People You Need to Know
  8. Slow Streamyx
  10. First Door on the Left


—-Droppers————————-——————-———-#No. Of Drops

PipeB Web Hosting 31
Search Engine Panel 31
Juliana’s World 30
60 Were Enough 30
My Library 30
Article Specialist 30
People You Need to Know 30

The First two blogs gets 300 ec and other 5 blogs gets 50 ec

Congratulations and thanks everyone for dropping on my blog. I really appreciate it.
If You don’t know about this contest do read: Get Awarded by 300 ec for being the Top Dropper

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Thanks for the credits! 🙂

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Thanx. I appreciate it. 🙂

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