How to add bookmarker widgets in Blogger

by Sushant Risodkar

This tutorial will explain simple way to add cool social bookmarker widgets to Blogger pages. In this case we’ll use simple Blogger Plugin from BlogSocializer. This plugin allows us to add nine popular bookmarkers button on every pages of our blog. Including Digg, Technorati, Delicious, Yahoo! MyWeb, Google Fusion, Blink, Furl, Simpy, and Stumble upon. Here we go..

1. Go to your Blogger Dashboard. Than click manage layout of your desired blog.

Layout menu in blogger dashboard

2. You’ll be in Template page at Page Element Tab. Now click [Add a Page Element]. Just choose where you’ll place the widget is. In this case I set it at bottom of every post, so I’ll place it below Posting Blog coloumn (See picture).

Add a page element

3. A popup window will appear. There you can choose what kind of page element you want to add. Now select [HTML/JavaScript] element. Than click [Add to Blog] button. A ‘Configure HTML/JavaScript‘ page will appear, leave it first.

Choose page element

4. Go to BlogSocializer and get the code there. Click and copy the given code.

copy BlogSocializer code

5. Go to popup window again. Fill in title of element first than paste the code at ‘Content‘ area (Right click and paste). Lastly, just click [Save Changes] button.

Paste the code

6. Now open your blog and test the widget. Below is example of working BlogSocializer in my blog. You can try how easy this widget in use by submitting this page to Digg, Technorati, and Delicious.

Demo screenshoot

BlogSocializer is the easiest and simple way to add bookmarker widget in Blogger based page. This Blogger plugin is free to use. I know there are other bookmarker plugins such and but I still suggest you to use BlogSocializer. Why? because with BlogSocializer we can display the true buttons of originally bookmarker sites. Not other flip button. So benefit of displaying those buttons is to make our blog looked like more cool. Just as WordPress bookmarker plugin.

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