Entrecard Takes Strict Steps For Better Economy

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Entrecard, which came like a “GOD” for bloggers to boost their readership with their dropping style promotion.After some good years of making buzz all around Entrecard have taken some strict steps to balance it’s economy from further loses.On 29th September Entrecard sent all it’s member a e-mail regarding the changes that are going to happen.The reactions of the bloggers were not good against these changes.

The Changes that have been applied to Entrecard users are as follows :-

  1. Buy credits for less: Entrecard is now selling 1,000 credits for $6.00.
  2. More pricing increments: Instead of prices doubling every time, there are now a few more steps. The new price points can be found on the Advertising page in the wiki.
  3. Members are not allowed to sell credits: This goes for ebay sales, posts in the Marketing forum, and posts on other forums. If you have references on your site to the sale of credits, please remove them immediately, as it is now against our terms.
  4. Credit transfer limits: Members are allowed to make a maximum of 14 credit transfers a week, up to a maximum of 1,000 credits, whichever comes first. This means you can still run contests where you give credits away for free, and under 1k per week. Note: This does not affect linked blogs, you can transfer unlimited credits between linked blogs.
  5. Transfer tax: From now on, all transfers, including transfers made with our new payments API, will be taxed at a rate of 12.5%. The taxed credits will be sold to members (see #1).
  6. Blogs cannot be unlinked: Once you link a blog, it’s there for good unless you ask us to delete the blog from your account. This prevents linking/unlinking to get around the credit transfer limits, and it also stops you losing access to a blog if you unlink it in error, which happens a lot.
  7. No more coupons: You are no longer allowed to send coupons.
  8. Shop closed: Except for Entrecard upgrades (Featured Status, Fast Pass) the Entrecard Shop is now offline until further notice. Please do not request a seller token until the shop returns. When it comes back, it will be bigger and better. We’ll communicate more details nearer the time.

My Opinion About Some Of These Changes

Looking at all these changes many bloggers said that Entrecard dropping looks to be boring now due to no fun in it.The first and third changes says that Entrecard selling is now banned for other members both on e-bay & on the blog etc. and if somebody is found to be doing so, strict actions may be taken against him.It’s a good Idea for Entrecard to boost it’s Economy because I think one was even thinking of buying credits from there due to high pricing.But still after reducing the prices to $6/k some might take their money out from their pockets to buy those credits but i still recommend to reduce to prices to $2.5/k in future.

The Credit Transfer limit has now been reduced to 1000 ec or 14 transactions a week whichever comes first.I think it’s totally bad thing for contest holders because it would be difficult for us to giveaway prices as Entrecard Credits in contests.Graham Says answering to this:

We’re working towards a method of sanctioning contests and will update everyone on the blog once its ready.

It will involve some sort of inspection, to see where your credits came from, some sort of planning so we know the exact day you’re giving them away, some sort of accountability -that you’ve been active in the community and we know who you are vs. someone who just shows up today with a million credits suspiciously and wants to hold a “contest”

So once we have some firm ground rules in place, the huge contests can continue because we do not want to see the contest culture of Entrecard die!

I think it should come as soon as possible.So guys keep your Fingers crossed 🙂

The Transfer tax is totally stupid idea,I feel like Entrecard want us to feel the Old era where people used to pay high taxes in many countries 🙁

So to stop Entrecard Selling, they also stopped use of Coupons.What a brainless thinking.Why did they introduced it?

After All that Happening Entrecard have now introduced their partnership with OIOPublisher.(I think it’s a honey for EC members after all those changes)

So what are your opinions after all these big changes?

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Wolfbernz October 1, 2008 at 1:51 pm

I know how expensive it can be to run my site which is small compared to EC. I guess they are trying to make it more profitable and with todays economy it’s probably a smart move.
I will miss buying Ec’s on ebay though… I had a couple of good buys!
All the best

Typhoon October 1, 2008 at 3:31 pm

Yea it’s true that it will be good for Entrecard’s Economy..But i think they should have thought to bring some for users.

EntreBlast October 1, 2008 at 9:07 pm

I agree with the transfer limit. It’s a really strict limit and I’ve ranted about it on my blog as well.

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