Blogger vs WordPress – Which is best?

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Blogger and WordPress are two main contenders for free blog hosting.As you know this blog is hosted currently on blogger system since I like it’s interface and easy handling.There are many features of blogger and wordpress which I will share with you which will also help you to decide whether to choose blogger or wordpress for your blogging journey.

1. Blogger
This is the one I currently use and is one of the most popular and most used because of its simplicity and also that it provides free blog hosting for its users. The company was bought by Google a few years after it was started and so it is now owned by Google which gives people the impression that blogger blogs get priority in the Google search engine which is apparently not true. You can sign up for a blogger blog from their homepage here: Blogger

-Uses XML and HTML (classic) templates of which there is a wide selection of.
-Pages are written in HTML.
-Does not support plug-ins but people can add functionality such as adsense and feeds to their blog using the Google gadgets which come in form of widgets.
-Provides free content, video and image hosting on their servers. They don’t support uploading of files other than these though.
-Users have the option of taking a .blogspot sub-domain or using their own top level domains such as .com, .net and such.
-Does not come in script form and so you cannot install it on your web server.

2. WordPress
Is the most popular stand-alone blogging platform. By stand-alone I mean that you install the script on your web host and you are good to go. In many forums I always read bloggers complaining about blogger and then having all their problems solved by moving to wordpress.I had a wordpress blog for a short time and I have to say that the quality is much better but I just wasn’t happy with it. You can download the script from the wordpress homepage.

-Pages are written in PHP which explains the better quality of content.
-Uses PHP templates that are also easily available online.
-Supports plug-ins which makes it very easy to customise
-Has the ability to create custom pages different from post pages, a feature that blogger does not have.
-You can also do many things such as password protect posts and comments, prevent comment spam by blocking IP addresses, and many other additional features(they are very many I cannot list them all)
-Easy to upgrade.

Other Info
The WordPress. team add new features and themes frequently, and since the new BlogSpot publishing system was rolled out in 2006, the Blogger software team also adds new features too but not with the same speed as wordpress do.

Visit the developer blogs to find out what’s new or in the pipeline:

My conclusion is if you’re concerned about what your blog looks like, go with Blogger. You have more control over the look. However, the look/feel of’s templates are nice and clean and they are giving you a lot of options in the sidebar now. has many more options that are favorable like categories, pages, and trackbacks. This makes your blog better for visitors and encourages better conversation.

WordPress is better than blogger if you have the money to buy reliable web hosting and also maybe a good TLD (top level domain), trust me if it wasn’t for the horrible free web hosting I was using at the time I would be writing this article in wordpress right now.

Blogger has to improve their services, they don’t offer track-backs, pings, they only way to prevent comment spamming is the word verification. That is why bloggers are always moving to other platforms mainly wordpress.

If you are not happy with blogger or wordpress here are some other platforms you can try:

Posterous-Blogging highly simplified where all you have to do is email them the content and attach anything from pictures to videos and then they make it into a nice post. No sweat!

Textpattern-Basically the same as wordpress and is a stand-alone platform

MoveableType-Famous for being the first blogging platform to implement trackbacks but it doesn’t seem to be famous anymore

Serendipity-A very flexible platform that comes with very many features and allows users to choose between various mark-ups such as HTML, Textile, Wiki and even BBcode.

Lifetype-A less common blogging platform which has very nice looking posts which is worth looking at.

Flatpress-Very simple platform like blogger with limited features.

Wheatblog-Pretty much the same as flatpress

Loudblog-A platform that is specialised for podcasters

Onsugar-A new blogging platform that is specialised for women due to its feminine look.

I also found an article published where it is easily given “7 Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Blog

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nipun July 15, 2011 at 3:20 am

wordpress is harder than blogger but you can utilize it more than blogger.
So to me wordpress is best.

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