Twitter Under Bad Hack Attack!

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Hmm..Somebody now interested in Hacking Twitter accounts. Hackers after hacking accounts of social networking sites like Facebook, Orkut are now attacking Twitter with their skills. But how? They are using phishing pages and other admin tools to get people’s twitter account.

From sources news arrived about an phishing page which was detected and it was closed and a Firefox security measure page was up on it.

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Reports also says that 33 high profile accounts, including President Elect Barack Obama and many celebrities, were hacked.

When it was asked about this attack, twitter officials told:

This morning we discovered 33 Twitter accounts had been “hacked” including prominent Twitter-ers like Rick Sanchez and Barack Obama (who has not been Twittering since becoming the president elect due to transition issues). We immediately locked down the accounts and investigated the issue. Rick, Barack, and others are now back in control of their accounts.

What Happened?

The issue with these 33 accounts is different from the Phishing scam aimed at Twitter users this weekend. These accounts were compromised by an individual who hacked into some of the tools our support team uses to help people do things like edit the email address associated with their Twitter account when they can’t remember or get stuck. We considered this a very serious breach of security and immediately took the support tools offline. We’ll put them back only when they’re safe and secure.

The hacker posted a fictional update to the Twitter feed for CNN anchorman Rick Sanchez which read: ‘I am high on crack right now, might not be coming into work today.’A similar post was made to the Fox News blog claiming that anchorman Bill O’Reilly was gay, while the Spears feed sported a vulgar message claiming to be from the pop singer. Obama’s feed included a link to a survey site which pays users for traffic referrals.

I am also a Twitter user and would like evryone using twitter to be calm. I advise to clear of unsolicited messages, and ignore any outside site that asks for Twitter log-in details.
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Senthil Ramesh December 13, 2009 at 1:47 pm

I can see lot of things happening like this. Twitter nowadays becomes the place for people to mis use it. Latest news is Vodafone employee fired for misusing twitter. Also twitter often suffer DDOS attack. They must increase their security.
.-= Senthil Ramesh´s last blog ..How To Use Facebook Effectively =-.

akira07 December 13, 2009 at 3:52 pm

Twitter is one site which facing too many problem about their security until now. The latest article i said about twitter security is that people can seeing private account tweet (it’s discussed on this blog). Yes, twitter should take attention about it.
.-= akira07´s last blog ..Make or Break – Website Review =-.

Senthil Ramesh December 14, 2009 at 10:38 am

Also since Google and other real time search engines are reveling the tweet replies, the @replies are easily visible. Twitter, its time to secure urselves now.
.-= Senthil Ramesh´s last blog ..How To Use Facebook Effectively =-.

Ben January 13, 2010 at 3:35 am

I would think that any reason to hack into an account would only be for monetary means. I mean why risk something to post “I am high on crack”? I guess for the pleasure of being able to do it, that is not how my mind works.
.-= Ben@Baltimore Locksmith´s last blog ..Worst Possible Time to Get Locked Out =-.

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