How To Create A Search Engine Friendly Article

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A great way to expose your article on the search engines is to optimize your articles as if they were pages on your website. Here’s how you can get an article ranked well and generate tons of traffic:

1) Go to Google Adwords’ Keyword Suggestion tool and type in some general keywords in your niche.
search engine friendly articles
Look for a good Search Volume and copy those keywords into a spreadsheet or text document.

2. Search for those keywords in quotes on Google. For example, if your keyword is “dog training tips”, that’s exactly how I would input it in Google. Look for results of less than 2,000,000. These search terms are relatively easy to rank well for.

3. Write an article, optimized for those keywords.

4. Submit your article to the directories like ezine or goarticles.

5. Start building backlinks to your keyword optimized article(s) as if they were pages on your website.

You can try social bookmarking, blog posts, Hub Pages, Squidoo pages, etc. You will soon start getting some tasty placings for your article(s), and ultimately each article will start
milking more traffic easily.

Your goal is to have hundreds of articles out there. That’s how you create massive traffic.
And massive traffic is how to create massive money!

I hope this article would have helped you in Creating A Search Engine Friendly Article.

Top 10 Search Terms:

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