Easy Ways to Find a Profitable Niche market

by Sushant Risodkar · 38 comments

Few days back in my article “Why the hell my blogs revenue so low?“, I recommended to try concentrating on smaller markets also known as niche markets.

To be most effective, you need to target a specific niche, and attract the proper users and audience for your Website.

If there are only a very few ads when you search for your niche then you will probably make more money as this niche may not have been exploited till yet.

Here are some easy ways for finding a good profitable niche market:

  • Take a look on popular product categories on Amazon, eBay, and other major bookstores.
  • Look some popular hobbies and interests of your friends and family which can be used to make money online.
  • Take help from those local classified ads for products and services from your newspapers.
  • Try visiting www.magazine.com for some ideas
  • Have a watch on the TV ads on what is being sold and how.
  • Visit popular article sites and most popular subjects on those sites, e.g. www.ezinearticles.com
  • Making a visit to Digg.com could also help in finding a profitable niche.
  • Look at Google Hot Trends to see what is most popular for any day.
  • Try visiting sites like Dmoz and About.com to get some niche market ideas.
  • Visiting sites like Yahoo Answers, Wikianswers and wikihow could help you a lot in what people want to know.
  • Springwise is also a good site for searching new business ideas.
  • VRE (virtual real estate) toolbar for Firefox. This installs a cool toolbar in Firefox which lets you search 15 places for niche ideas, e.g. About.com, eBay, Google Sets, etc. Plus it have many more cool features. A must try!

You can also subscribe to DailyNicheIdea to get Niche Suggestions Delivered Free To Your Email!

But before choosing any niche market make sure if that niche have any products to promote or not, also make sure that search engines(mainly Google) is sending a enough amount of traffic to this niche market which can be converted into sales.

I think following these steps can really make your search a good profitable niche market. Do tell me if you have any other ways for searching a good niche market.

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