How To Read Your Visitors’ Mind To Make Them Do What You Want

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This is a guest post by Chetan Chauhan.

What is it really that you want your blog visitors to do, the moment they come to your site – Click on some Adsense ads or Subscribe to your Feed?

Any experienced blogger would say subscribing to his/her feed, since that is what would make the visitor come back to your blog again and again. But making them subscribe is what most of the bloggers find impossible to do.

But what if you knew where your visitors are looking at when they visit your site, or what is it really that they are looking for on your blog? Here is a list of useful resources that might help you know your site visitors better:

What Are Their Interests: Google Analytics

Google Analytics enables you to see what keywords are attracting traffic from search engines to your blog. It also shows where your site visitors are coming from and on which pages they are coming on your blog. This enables you to find what they are interested in.

Google Analytics gives you a rough idea about which of your articles are most popular among your blog visitors. This tells you their interest. So from now on you can try to write more articles that might attract them to your blog. To start using Google Analytics, click here.

Who Are They: Quantcast

Quantcast enables you to see who your site visitors are. It tells you what percentage of them are male or female and what are their geographic locations or from where do they access your site, from home or from office.

It even tells you people of which age group form most of your site traffic, what are their household income and whether they have completed their college studies or not. Pretty useful information, isn’t it? 😉 Start using Quantcast by clicking here.

What are they Looking At: CrazeEgg

CrazyEgg is one of the most useful tools for webmasters. It tells you what are the specific sections of your site that catch the attention of your visitors most of the time or where they click on your blog pages. Their HeatMap feature shows you what sections of your blog are most clicked.

You can use this data while testing different themes on your blog and find out which of them would work the best for you. Or you can ,simply, put your subscription box at the place where your visitors click the most. Click here to register at Crazyegg.

Bonus Tip

Knowing what your blog visitors are thinking can certainly enable you to change your website design or content according to what your visitors want. And if you serve them right, they’ll be more than happy to subscribe to your blog. 🙂

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Very nice article friend.. You have mentioned about crazy egg.what is the service charge for that?
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