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Comments are the one of the main deciding factor of a blog’s popularity. Thus to make Commenting on SmartBloggerz with more fun and more benefits, I have done several changes in the commenting system which I think is really gonna benefit you all a lot. I have done 3 important changes which are as follow :-

1. Comments are now DoFollow! – You read it right; I have now made all comments on this blog DoFollow which will help you boosting your PR and rankings. Thanks to the Dofollow Plugin which helped me in doing this.

2. Link to your blog article – Another change I have done is that I have enabled the popular CommentLuv feature in this blog. This enables the commenter to leave a titled link to their last post automatically whenever they comment or they can also select any other post from their blog too.

3. Add your Twitter ID – This is the last thing which I have done in the commenting system. Thanks to Andy Bailey who discovered a wonderful plugin Twitip ID. Basically this enables the commenter to add his/her Twitter ID in the “Twitter ID” field. Thus helping to boost his/her twitter followers. I am really looking forward to this plugin success.

I hope I have done some important changes in my commenting system to encourage you to comment on the article posted here plus to post comment replying to other comments of commentators.

If you wish to advice any other changes which you think is really great the do tell me by commenting below. Go have a try with this new Commenting System on SmartBloggerz.

[Update 1: One more addition to this. I have added the ability such that commentators can now edit their comments before 3 mins from the comment made so that they can correct any typo error or false sentence. Hope you like it too.] [Update 2: Gravatar Feature also enabled. If you don’t have a gravatar then jump up to for more info and set up your gravatar] [Update 2: Gravatar Feature also enabled. If you don’t have a gravatar then jump up to for more info and set up your gravatar] [Update 3: Ajax Edit Comments have been removed due to some problems; Now I have enabled the KeywordLuv Plugin, Enter YourName@YourKeywords in the Name field to link the keyword with your URL to take the SEO benefits of commenting on this blog.]

NOTE: You will find your comments dofollow only after you have crossed our limit of 7 comments. This will be done automatically through a plugin. This has been done to keep this blog clean and better from those one time commentators looking just for immediate backlinks.

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