Having Strategy while writing articles is IMPORTANT!

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Do you have any strategy you use for writing articles? Do you plan out all the necessary details;  i.e. an outline, or do you simply just sit down on your chair and start writing?

Developing a good strategy can help you to improve your productivity skills, plus improve your writing and editing skills.

The stages through which writing goes are: Planning, Pre-writing, Drafting, Revising and Editing. There is also a break time as one of a stage while writing your article.

Planning Stage

In the planning stage you’ll choose a topic, do some basic research on it, gather facts and organize your thoughts and ideas. You want to select a topic that is relevant to the product that you are promoting. Many writers create an outline in this stage or you may choose the pre-writing stage to draw out an outline.

Pre-Writing Stage

The pre-writing stage is much like an outline because this is where you determine your main points and sub points which you are going to include while writing the article.The creativity that is in you will often mentally pre-write the entire works for you or at least help you outline your major points so that it will be effortless when you begin to physically write.

Drafting Stage

The next stage is to write your rough draft. This is the stage in which most of us just sit and write with lots of excitement trying to get all our thoughts lined out. The writing in this stage is very random and probably wouldn’t make much sense to someone else reading it. But remember that this stage is very important because it lays the foundation.


Once the rough draft is finished, this is a good time to get away from your PC, unless you’re on a deadline. Take the time to have a snack like have a Coke or Lays Chips (yummy), or go for a walk or play with your dog or anything else man which makes you feel relax and fresh. You need this time away to regroup and come back with a fresh mind.

Read through your rough draft completely again. After reading through it you’ll decide if your thoughts were in order and clear to your readers or if you’ve left the reader hanging.

Revising Stage

Now start Revising your work. This is the process where you put things in a uniform pattern i.e move something up and down. This will make your article read with fluidity by your readers. You’re not looking for mistakes in this stage, although some will stick out.

The great thing about the revising and editing stages are they can be done simultaneously or you can go back and forth from one to another. But in the revising stage it is best to stick with getting the material lined out.

Editing Stage

The next stage is of editing. In this stage you’ll look for mistakes in spelling, grammar and punctuation. You may find some minor changes in revision during this stage too, especially if you find mistakes in grammar. But again, as I said earlier, revising and editing can simultaneously.

The Final Stage and Suggestion

The final stage is, of course, the finished work and should be ready to publish. If you feel you may have missed something and time allows you can always let it sit and come back later for another edit.

One suggestion I’d like to make is to always have something in each stage. Have one thing in the planning stage, another in pre-writing, another in revision, and one in editing stage. If you always have something in different stages you’ll have plenty of material to work on while taking a break from something else. Although, a nice walk can be good for you and sometimes you do need to get away from writing altogether.

I am sure that trying this strategy you will see improvement in your productivity and writing skills.
Do tell me if this helps in improving your writing skills also do let me know if you have any other strategy which you try on yourself .

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David Marks January 20, 2011 at 9:21 am

I think the best strategy in article writing is knowing the topic, it is important for us to create a quality work.

colin September 16, 2011 at 12:00 am

I never thought about having a strategy for article writing before but its a great idea. i write about ten articles a week without any real direction or purpose but will try developing a strategy based on the ideas here.

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