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Freelance marketplaces (also known as outsourcing marketplaces) are such websites that match buyers and sellers of internet-provided services.

Freelance marketplaces are changing the ways of doing business and are growing at a rapid rate. These freelance marketplaces have immense potential, both for buyers and suppliers, this has been possible mainly due to their smooth transaction processes and global reach. These marketplaces have makes it easy for searching freelance jobs to make money online.

The buyers here are not consumers, they are actually like “businessman” who bid for the projects or stuff which the “seller” is asking for.These marketplace uses its potential for the benefits of buyers and sellers. It gives them instant access to the global audience.

Benefits to the Buyers:

A freelance marketplace removes all the geographical barriers and buyers get access to a number of new suppliers.

  • Access to user friendly and smooth online transaction processing lowers the transaction costs and saves time.
  • Buyers can compare the products and services offered on a marketplace for efficient purchasing decisions.
  • Delivery tracking is also easier apart from assurance of quality by established freelance marketplaces having their own brand value.

Benefits to the Suppliers(Bidder) :

  • When a supplier does business locally, his market is limited. A freelance marketplace gives an opportunity to do business globally and explore new markets.
  • Online sales processing minimizes the need of other human and material resources thereby reducing overhead costs in a significant manner.
  • Apart from product listings, freelance portals also include many other features such as discussion groups, latest industry news, and other business oriented information that can be used by the companies to expand their business.

According to me, these could be the best marketplaces where you start searching for freelance jobs immediately and start making money online.


Getafreelancer is a very professional bidding site with classic theme. In fact, it is one of the leaders in the world of freelance industry. You can bid through thousands of projects on this site from various categories.

Bid on the projects in which you think you are best and make money online.

Sign up for GetAFreelancer.

2. LimeExchange

LimeExchange is new but a very good competitor in the freelance marketplace category. It is a Global Marketplace connecting Businesses and Professionals. I think many of you have seen it’s ads running on many sites via Google Adsense.

On LimeExchange you will see many projects by big companies paying a good amount for the work. I felt the Interface is really nice and easy to understand.

Sign Up for LimeExchange.

3. Webmaster Forums

Nowadays, you will find many webmaster forums like sitepoint have their own marketplace which also does have huge potential and could be a good way for you to search for your interested work.

Other than these there are many more freelance marketplaces which are highly popular but I don’t use them that’s why I have not included them here. Some of them are:

Freelance marketplaces have proved to be one-stop business solutions for buyers as well as suppliers and could help you make money online just by sitting at home.

“Freelancing is widely seen as the model for work in 21st century.”

What do you think about Freelance Marketplaces? Have you ever had any good or bad experience which you would like to share by commeting below?

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MitchRodriquez October 14, 2011 at 1:41 pm

I have been a freelancer for almost a year now and my job paid me well enough to be able to also ask my husband to stop each of our daytime job which is taking our time from our daughter and it is a lot better now that we work together at home. The only thing that I really don’t like with freelancer which is for me a very good place to check on for work is that there are a lot of spam so you really have to be careful. I think this site should also somehow help their contractors in a way like how it is with my other online work which is so far I am able to feel that the company does show concern as well aside from the fact that they are earning from us.

Nelson January 20, 2012 at 2:20 am

Freelancing is indeed a great way to earn money (and not have a vulture boss over your shoulder) but one MUST build a reputation first. Its that old offline catch 22 all over again; you can’t get work without experience and you can’t get experience without work. It can be tough to bag the top-dollar jobs in the beginning, but once you’ve got some rep, its all straight sailing to success. Your first jobs will mostly just showcase your ability, so don’t be greedy. The key to freelancing is being proactive, and building your name as you would a business brand. Cheers 🙂

Chow February 28, 2012 at 10:35 am

I’ve worked on and got quite a few jobs that way, including developing and writing content for a few blogs at a time paying $300+ for each blog a month, so its been a GREAT way to keep very busy and earn money online while developing content for over 3-4 blogs at a time. Your reputation is what will get you there for sure and patience, keep trying and you’ll find your niche. I’ve haven’t tried the other sites thanks for this information !

Vivek Krishnan May 28, 2012 at 3:05 am in itself is one of the biggest platforms to get and become a freelance person. But I have also been able to get many freelancing gigs at DigitalPoint. Great post Sushant.

Rudd March 28, 2013 at 11:55 am

I’ll be having holidays for four months and looking for freelance jobs developing website. Recently I just discovered freelanceswitch, and thanks for sharing this list. Now I know there are a lot more web to find job.

Meet July 18, 2013 at 9:08 pm

Freelance working is a great way to earn money online. I have used Freelancer and Elance and both works very well. You get fair chance to showcase yourself and grab the project. I especially liked Elance more. Now, looks like I should also give a try on webmaster forums.

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