Top 10 Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter has become the hottest social networking site and therefore has turned into a rather useful platform in the web design world. If you are looking to connect with individuals that are at the top of the web design game or who can offer insight in specific areas, you can find them all on Twitter. Whether you are just starting out in web design and want to build a network or want to turn to the known expert in a specific area, you can get in touch with or follow the best individual on Twitter. Here we look at the top 10 web designers to follow on Twitter:

Top 10 Web Designers On Twitter

1. Snook – There’s a reason that this web designer has a record number of followers. Not only does he speak in a very down to earth and realistic tone in terms of web design and the skills that he’s gained, but he has a lot of valuable information to share. Snook is well known and seems to be the “go to guy” in terms of web design, making him one of the very best to follow on Twitter.

2. Eric A. Meyer – This is one web designer who knows his trade. Not only is he an expert on CSS and HTML, but he is very well versed in web standards as well. He is considered to be a true “answer man” and that gives him a very strong and loyal following.

3. Pro Blog Design – This individual understands that sometimes web design can be downright complicated. He helps to make sense of all the various applications and programs within the industry and exhibits some rather impressive work and knowledge along the way. His work is admirable and his attitude and advice is approachable making him a great one to follow.

4. Just Creative Designs – He keeps things fresh with a new design or focus of the day, as well as throwing in a bit of advice and some excellent backing in the web design field. He points out trends to keep up with and scams to be aware of, making him a true source of information within web design.

5. David Airey – Not only does he create admirable pieces, but he’s an authority on identity pieces. He provides excellent insight on what it takes to be recognized and what is required to develop a corporate piece such as a logo. This information comes in handy to most web designers at some point in their career making him quite popular.

6. Collis – His approach is unique and the way he links things to everyday life is intriguing. He brings some excellent experience to the table, much of which is an eye into the life of an entrepreneur. Reading his posts and advice is as interesting as the work that he creates making him a unique web designer that just must be followed.

7. Arthur Brown Jr. -As CSS is the hot topic within web design right now, he brings some great perspective on the subject. He has years of experience that translate well into the work he does and the advice he gives out.

8. Jeffrey Zeldman – This is one designer that is a true pioneer as he was one of the first to be published on the web. He teaches others about web design and therefore following him on Twitter can offer some helpful insight and lessons.

9. Cameron Moll – The thing that you are struck with through his work and his approach is how human he is. He draws you in with the work he displays and he has some excellent credentials to his name which further demonstrates that he knows what he’s talking about.

10. Molly Holzschlag – Not only does she bring beautiful work but she provides a proper education within web design. She is a web standards expert and an instructor making her a knowledgeable and enjoyable designer to follow on Twitter.

I hope following them on twitter will help you in getting a good knowledge about web designing. Do you know someone else on Twitter who are pro’s like them?

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Fraser Hannah May 20, 2011 at 3:27 am

This is a great list and a solid resource. I now have a list of industry leaders to follow. Thank you!

Corrinne June 15, 2011 at 5:48 pm

Great list of some great web designer’s twitter handles. Having used Pro Blog Design’s service, I can vouch for them. 🙂

By the way, its great to find another web designing enthusiast like me. I’m bookmarking your blog to come back and read more awesome articles in future. Keep writing 🙂

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