10 ways to achieve a winning first paragraph for your article

by Sushant Risodkar · 81 comments

What’s the second most important part of your posts, after that catchy title? The first paragraph.

Many bloggers don’t get much response to their article because many people dropped out of reading their article because the “1st paragraph” wasn’t too convincing for them.

Like a sales man;  when he knocks at your door he firstly introduce about the product by telling the important and interesting things about it, he doesn’t tells any rubbish info like it’s power consumption or it’s weight etc. . This makes most of the people buy that product. Similarly you have to try and make your 1st paragraph of the article so much interesting that will make the reader scroll down and read the rest of the part.

If your 1st para doesn’t makes you look a good sales man,
then the rest of your article might not be thought useful by readers.

Here are 10 ways to make the first paragraph of your article drag the reader to read the rest of the part:

1. Ask a question-

Starting your post with a question is a very good strategy, it creates curiosity and makes the reader think on it. The thinking may often result in linking your content, and that is something very good for you.

2. Start by quoting an interesting story part-

They are one of the best ways to communicate and to produce emotional reactions in others like sympathy, apathy, laughter, anger, sadness and so on.

3. Put a picture in the first paragraph-

We all know that a good image captures the attention of the eyes, so do not miss the opportunity to use it. But beware, do not forget that you are trying to attract attention from the first paragraph to redirect them to full article, if you use a striking image, but that has nothing to do with the article, the effect is lost. Use an image that readers can identify with the title or phrase, or representing a situation arising in the first paragraph of the article or topic.

4. Use the reader’s Imagination-

Usually if you describe something that a person can imagine or project in the backdrop of his head, then it will help you. Appealing to the mental imagery is one of the most powerful things you can do as a writer or speaker.  You can help make this happen using words like “imagine” ,”think like a ..”, etc..

5. Make an analogy or Comparison-

How many times we explain things without any success until someone comes and says, “does this means…” or “is it similar to…” and suddenly, although the topic has nothing to do, we understand.
When writing your 1st paragraph, remember something which brings to mind a comparison that is useful for the reader to understand more easily, do not ever hesitate to mention it.

6. Use Metaphor in your article-

Metaphors are among the most powerful tools as it helps to tell a story or give advice in only one sentence. It is a great way to attract attention and cause a mental image that allows readers to tell a story themselves.

7. Use some Surprising Statistics-

Starting your article with numbers is not always recommended, but this is the exception to the rule; an interesting and shocking statistic is a great technique. People like them who provide interesting data, but only if they are original, surprising or shocking. Like the images; the statistics used must also be relevant to the topic you are trying.

Note: Do not abuse the amount of numbers, Use figures from reliable sources, and if you use graphics to enhance your statistics for greater impact then it will give you more benefits.

8. Quote someone famous or an expert-

A quote from an expert in one subject or character recognition, can work wonders in attracting the reader’s attention in those first few seconds.

9. Write a summary of your post-

If your article is long and you feel it’s excellent but somewhere the reader might skip then at the last of the article you can summarize the article so that your reader gets the proper information about that article.

10. Beware of links in the first paragraph-

Particularly I think the links are very useful, to describe what it has been inspired from or what it is related to.
But if you use them in first 2-3 lines to raise a condition for understanding your article, then probably your reader might leave. Unless you are a continuing any post series,do not place links in the first paragraph that readers need to visit to understand the rest of the article; it will only encourage them to leave faster which you really don’t want.

Remember! If you get a great title and a first paragraph, then it will ensure that you get the reader’s attention to the rest of the article.

Please lemme know your response on this article and how you! take care of your 1st paragraph of the article.

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Rajesh@Bypass Sharecash May 2, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Nice tips friend. Asking a question and including a catchy related image are some of my favorite methods to create a perfect first paragraph. You have got a nice point that quoting some shocking statistics can make the reader move deeper in the article.

Jerrick June 21, 2011 at 1:07 pm

there still a method which is show what there are facing and make them fear about the cause of failure and provide solution to them . I find out that this is human behaviour which they will look out something that fear in their life and to relevant to them.

Azam@Kay Jewelers July 15, 2011 at 1:53 pm

Very true, in today’s world everybody is so busy that no one has time to read pages after pages only to get to the conclusion that it was all rubbish. People read only a few initial lines and decide to stop right there or go forward. As it is those few beginning lines that make a deep negative/positive impression on the reader one should give them due importance.

Jym @ Blog Marketing July 15, 2011 at 4:25 pm

Good stuff Sushant…

It’s very true that unless you captivate your reader within the first lines of your post, you can easily lose them.

The first paragraph is a place where some creativity can be applied – practicality on the topic at hand can come further in. Love that you outlined a whole bunch of ways to keep it interesting and hold the reader’s focus.

Whatever strategy you use for writing that paragraph, it has to follow the energy of the headline which brought the reader in. Keep it consistent, then transition naturally into the body of the post.

Matheus July 18, 2011 at 2:50 am

Great tips , i usually use a question or a summary , but ill try these other tips, thanks…

Kostas@Online Opportunities August 1, 2011 at 12:21 pm

In my opinion the best way to get the attention of readers is to have a teaser on the first paragraph. In that way readers are curious about what exactly they will read and most probably they will read all the article

Jomson George November 23, 2011 at 9:24 pm

i find these tips are great help to me because i am newbie. I had a thought that giving links in first paragraph is very much useful for readers but its different and there is a point too, why we shouldn’t give link there. Thanks bro:)

Razor nathan November 23, 2011 at 9:31 pm

Great work Sushant.I will suggest this article to my friend bloggers.Usually I will start my first paragraph with story narration along with high clarity images.Here after I will added famous quotes and exact statistics to my Opening.Keep rocking..

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