5 Tips to Save your Precious Time when Writing a Post

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Are you wasting lot of your time in writing post for your blog? Don’t you get angry or tired just writing a post throughout the day for your blog and doing nothing important for your blog?

The Time of a blogger is very precious. A blogger need to learn how time can be saved while writing post which then can be utilized in other blogging work for a successful blogging.

Sands of TimeHere are 5 tips (with some tools in between) that has enabled me to save time when writing new posts and then use that time in other kind of works like to promote my blog and make money online.

Think before you open the browser

There is seriously no use of opening the blank “Add Post” page and then thinking about what to write. Don’t you agree? Take your time, think about a topic while you take a bath(lol), eat, watch TV or listen to music etc. so that you should have structured your post in that time and therefore you will take less time to write it down.

Same applies while writing the post, you suddenly get lost and don’t get any idea to write on. At that time, Save the written part as as Draft; Switch Off the Monitor or PC(to save electricity); Stand Up against the keyboard and relax doing something else. And you will definitely see some ideas striking in your head again.

Make your Web Browser, The Best Friend

Your browser can act as a very important tool which could help you save time while writing blog post. I know most of you will be using FireFox browser, so I am recommending two very useful FireFox add-ons which will make it more productive —

ScribeFire: ScribeFire is a full-featured blog editor that integrates with your browser and lets you easily post to your blog. It allows you to create (and edit) posts, set (and create) categories and tags, and generally does most of what you’d want to do when creating a new blog post directly from within Firefox at the click of a button. By using it we won’t have time delays while writing any post.

CoLT: CoLT (Copy Link Text) is a tiny extension for Firefox which makes it easier than ever to copy a hyperlink’s associated text. It happens mostly that when we copy any hyperlinked text, the whole text color, size and other things gets copied. But this extension allows us to copy the linked text without annoying styles included, it is also have many useful configuration which you can try.

Remove Distractions and Save your time!

The bloggers tend to be multifunctional, as we read our emails, chat with people, listen to songs; all at the same time. I recommend you to close or at least minimize those things while writing the post so that our focus will be on one main task i.e writing an outstanding post.

Focus on the Main Subject

Suppose if the subject of post is “How to Remove Acne” then you must finish the post speaking on the same subject, the ideas that do not relate to this subject should be eliminated since they do not contribute to the subject in any way. If you don’t do it then you will finish mixing things and making people confuse about what you are really talking about. So, you must focus on the topic that encouraged you to write without leaving the branches.

Think about Ideas in your Free Time

It often happens that whenever we have time to write something on the blog our mind gets completely empty of ideas. To prevent this from happening, we should utilize the part of the time when we do nothing to think about ideas we would like to play with. A good example of dead or free time is when we travel in a bus or metro cab. I am not saying that we should always think of writing but the idea is to take a few minutes a day on this task and so when we come to the PC, we will have several themes to choose from and write on it.

To Summarize it, I would say that using creativity and usefulness of various tools, we can write at the right time without wasting a single minute. This way we will have a successful blog.

So What’s your opinion on this post? Do you think that Writing an article in time is very important for a blogger? Are you quick and good in writing articles or you take more time to write a article? I am waiting to know all that from you…

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