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NOTE: The site has been closed now. Better Go for Unique Article Wizard which is internet’s best! Visit UAW Here. It’s nearly the same thing and BIGGER.

A website can receive huge traffic if it ranks #1 or on the first page of Google for a popular keyword term. You will need thousands of quality inbound links to your website for that keyword to make that thing happen.

Article marketing is a great way to get more exposure and rank your website number one for your keyword. But it’s not like you can write just a few articles then sit back and get flooded with traffic. Article Marketing is a numbers game – the greater your number of articles the greater your exposure. Simple as that.

One Can Do Article Marketing in Three Ways, which are:

  1. Manual Article Submission – It’s good submitting your articles by your own hands and watching what happens. But can you imagine submitting it to 100’s of websites? I can guarantee that you will feel bored doing that.
  2. Semi-Automatic Article Submission – One could purchase article submission software’s to submit article but the problem in that is you will have to first create account on those directories in order to submit article. And I know you won’t like doing that stuff.
  3. Fully Automatic Article Submission – One can take help of article submission services where you have to pay little bit more to get your articles submitted to some limited number of directories. An alternative way is using article marketing services provided from websites like Article SlingShot which submits your article to around 3000 websites; Yes you read it right!

About Article SlingShot

article-slingshotArticle SlingShot allows you to write and submit the articles to the system that will be automatically rewritten and then will be distributed to the homepage of thousands of domains within their article bank. Every domain within the network is owned and controlled by Article Slingshot so you can be assured you will receive exposure on only the highest quality of sites.

How it works?

The process of submission is very simple. It’s just like submitting article on your blog…Once you have completed registration for Article Slingshot, you can easily log in to your dashboard.

From your panel board you will be able to see an option of Publishing Article. On clicking it, you will be taken to a screen where you will be able to see your previously submitted article with some other details, just like you see in your blog admin panel. Then there will be one more button as “Publish Article”. Upon clicking it, you will taken to your Writing screen as you see in your blog.

There you can easily start writing your article, add keywords and after that you could select the appropriate category of article so that it will be submitted to the same kind of website. Here is a list of available categories along with number of domains in it currently:


The Uniqueness is Kept in Mind!

I know you will be thinking very much about the domains and the uniqueness of articles right now. But don’t worry, everything is safe and proper. The domains are hosted on nearly 75+ C-block class IP’s. Every domain interlinks with some other domain and hence it passes on link juice throughout the network of domains.

When the articles are submitted by you, the unique article spinner plays with the main keywords of article and will raise & lower the densities a few points either way and this way, the SERPS will take them as different articles, but they will still be completely readable to people.

One more interesting thing is that your article is not loaded on the domains all in one time as it will look bad in the eyes of search engines. The submission of an article is spread out over a month so as to not set off any alarm bells with SEO and to make the links look more natural and organic.

Alternative Link Building Packages

Article Slingshot also provides various link building packages on these 3000 domains. Currently it provides 3 Types of Link Building Packages, which are:

  1. Homepage Network Wide Link Building – By purchasing this package, you will instantly see rise in your search engine rankings. The  Homepage Link Building package will place your website link on the homepage of the 3000 domains across the content network. – $29.95
  2. Article Network Wide Link Building – In this package your link will be placed on all the article pages of all the domains making you build thousands of inbound links from this viral network. – $39.95
  3. Long Term Link Building – By purchasing this your link will be shown for lifetime basis throughout the network. Each time whenever a new article gets posted on the network, certain amount of links are taken and displayed on the article pages. The links are slowly rotated every few months which allows maximum exposure. – $59.95

Other than that, you can also take benefits of Network Banner Ads facility which will allow you to show your static banner on all the domains in rotation. This will not only build inbound links but also will help you to gain traffic from these domains. This service is available for only $20/month.

Price Structure and Benefit of being the Reader of SmartBloggerz!

The Article marketing service comes at a very cheap cost. For every new account you will get 3 free credits and after completing it’s use you can purchase more. Each credit purchased means you can publish one article on all the domains. Here are the affordable price of credits:

  • Single Article Pack – You get 1 article credit = $3
  • Bronze Package – You get 10 article credits = $20
  • Silver Package – You get 20 article credits = $35
  • Gold Package – You get 40 article credits = $50
  • The Slingshot Package – You get 100 article credits = $100

The DISCOUNT – As a reader of you have the chance to get 30% discount on all he article packages. For redeeming it, Use Coupon “smartbloggerz” while purchasing the credits and you are done saving a lot of money.

Plus using this coupon you can also get discounts on Link Building Packages. You will get $10.00 off for the homepage wide link package, $15.00 off for the article wide link package and $20.00 off for the long term link package.

I think you will be saving hell lot using this coupon and the return on your investment will be great i.e you will be ranking #1 for your keyword which will bring in the money for your website. So check Article Slingshot now!

NOTE: The site has been closed now. Better Go for Unique Article Wizard which is internet’s best! Visit UAW Here. It’s nearly the same thing and BIGGER.

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