Get a MacBook Pro and Many Gifts for Free from Idooble

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Getting a MacBook by purchasing it is not really a fun and not everyone can afford it. But How about if someone wants to give it to you for free of cost? Yes, you heard it right – FREE.

idooble-logo is giving away free MacBook Pro to fire up it’s launch. The website isn’t currently ready yet, but is inviting beta users to test out their interesting website.

The Concept Behind Idooble is the new way to shop online. This is not just about comparison shopping. It’s free to submit product for sellers and 100% free for all users. It’s a social shopping portal which currently is in beta stage. From the screenshot available there, it looks like it will soon be competing with popular sites like, and even I think it could also give competition to the big daddy in online shopping industry i.e Amazon. But only the time will tell how it goes on for the site.


From the sources, the site will be available only for people in US and Canada but hopefully they will expand their reach in near future and so I will be waiting for it in India.

The Great Contest!

To pump this new website, Idooble is holding one cool referral contest. The thing is simple that you have to invite your friends, family people or anyone and earn as much points as possible.

You will get 10 points for 1st tier, 3 points for 2nd tier and 1 point for 3rd tier. You will get these points whenever somebody referred from your link takes a simple survey which will help Idooble provide a better online social shopping experience to the people.


In this contest, you have a chance to win fabulous prizes; which are:

  • MacBook Pro to 1st place winner
  • iPod Touch to 2nd, 3rd and 4th place winners
  • iPod Nano for 5th to 10th spot winners
  • iTunes Gift Card for 11th to 25th spot winners
  • …And Idooble Tee to show up for 26th spot to 100th spot winners

The contest will be ending up on November 20th 2009. The 10th spot winner is currently around 650 points and I don’t think it’s too late to invite your friends and other people whom you know to at least try to win an iPod Nano.

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Tony November 23, 2010 at 7:57 am

Wow. Where was I when this first came out. Oh well.

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