Move Away From the Make Money Online Niche!

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Over the past few years the make money online niche has grown rapidly and enormously. While it is still growing constantly up to now, it has become evident to people that blogging in make money online space doesn’t really guarantee them money.

In the past, I’ve talked about how diluted the mmo world is. Many people agreed with me that succeeding in this niche is not as easy as what most newbies think. Another problem with that mindset is that people see it in John Chow, the one who revolutionized the make money online blogging thing.

What happen is that they saw John became so successful with it and now they think they can be as well, w/c is not wrong anyway. What’s wrong though, is that they replicate what John did and is doing, and we all know what worked a year ago is now completely extinct today (debatable).

The Proof!

If you’re oftentimes hopping on blogs like me, you’d probably notice that a lot of bloggers who talk about that topic (that three-word thing) is probably dead not blogging anymore or has completely abandoned his blog. What others did, w/c I thought was a clever move, was they shifted their topic in a more interesting and more targeted one (i.e. blogging about SEO instead or marketing and stuff). This is a great proof to testify that blogging for money is dead.

Wait! Don’t get Discouraged

Well the main point of the topic is not to tell you guys to stop trying/making money from your blogs. We’re not hypocrite to do that (if you see me remove my sidebar ads, then I’m a hypocrite!). What I would like to say is that we should shift our focus from the “money-making” thing to actually handing out real values to our readers by posting real content. Sure, some of our audience want to read something that would make them money. And our goal is to make them understand that they can, but it goes within a process and is affected by several factors. In that way our blogs can become more niche-targeted (whether specifics to blogging, SEO and etc.), help more people and can enjoy a tight community. All in all it benefits everyone.

Now the question for you: Are you adding something to the blogosphere by posting real content and good value to your readers or your just adding up to the pollution of the make money online thing? I hope that by now we have all clearly defined our own goals.

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Rhino September 13, 2010 at 5:35 pm

Expand your horizons or delve into a tight niche that would be easy to dominate. Like “Yellow Trucks” and get affilated with ebay autos and make money from refering people to yellow trucks on ebay

GG September 20, 2010 at 4:14 pm

“What I would like to say is that we should shift our focus from the “money-making” thing to actually handing out real values to our readers by posting real content.”

— You have said it very well. It is always great to have a blog containing helpful information to the readers. It would be more pleasurable, just like this post.

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