10 Killer Ways To Make Money With Twitter

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This is a guest post by Anil Gupta of scopeForMoney.com

As we all know Twitter is among the hottest social networks currently on the internet. It is the most used tool for those who are trying to market on the internet. It is boon for internet marketers. This also means that bloggers like us can make fast money online using Twitter.

People can get success in making money with their Twitter profile like we use blogging as a mean to make money. And the best thing about Twitter is that profile pages as well as lots of services related to twitter are free. In today’s post, I’m going to discuss Top 10 Killer Ideas For Making Money With Twitter:

make money with twitter

Idea 1: Direct Advertising

The companies which want to advertise their products through Twitter. However, these companies require a high click-through rate of your tweets. The click through rate of your tweets can be analyzed by URL tracking services like bit.ly or SU.pr. Also you will be requiring a large number of followers. So if you have a good click-through ratio and large number of people following you then this is a good option.

Idea 2: Monetizing Twitter Profile Background

The background of Twitter profile can you earn you some money too. There are websites like TwittAd.com which provide services to twitter user to monetize their twitter background page. Advertisers who are interested in you will place a background image on our profile which provides publicity to their company. You can select the duration and price you want to keep your advertiser. Once that is finalized TwittAd will use the Twitter API to upload the ad to your Twitter profile.

Idea 3: Personal Bio

Did you know that your bio on Twitter could also be worth some money. Bio is the area of your Twitter profile page where you write about yourself. You can make money by putting a sales message on your bio.

Idea 4: Redirecting Services

This method to make money on Twitter is somewhat similar to the CPV (cost-per-view) way of making money. When a person clicks on your tweet links to reach his desired page then there is an advertisement page that opens up for a few seconds before it is redirected to the landing page. The payout in this type of advertising is generally in CPM (per thousand impressions). The only drawback is that this may not be appreciated by your followers who click on your link. So the point is to not put an ad link to all links that tweet on your profile.

Idea 5: Finding Sponsors

Twitter could be a great place where you can find your future sponsors. You can carefully have many people of your blog niche following you and then tweet for sponsors. Many webmasters have found sponsors by tweeting it on Twitter.

Idea 6: Tweeting Affiliate Links

This is a way to sell affiliate products through your tweets. If you are a reputed Twitter user with many followers then there is a high chance that your followers purchase affiliate links that you recommend. So by tweeting link to the affiliate product page you can get high commission on each sale depending on the product. Just make sure that you are selling quality products and not poor quality as it will affect your credibility for future affiliate sales.

Idea 7: Build a Brand

By tweeting you can eventually build a brand for your company. By tweeting your niche posts. You can create a brand image for yourself or your company. Twitter is a powerful medium which many people use; it is up to us to brand ourselves. This can happen in the long run as people will slowly begin to recognize you.

Idea 8: Professional Twitterer

This is a lot like pro-blogging, those who become professional Twitterers. Pro-Twitterers are people who do not tweet for themselves but are hired by big corporations and companies to build an online presence through Twitter.

Idea 9: Twitter Trends

You can keep up with the trends that are occurring on Twitter to optimize it on your site. These trends are topics that people are looking for most on the internet. You can make use of this trend to post new topics or provide new insight.

Idea 10: Make Invaluable Connections

Almost all big people of the internet make use of Twitter. Make priceless contacts with people who are more successful than you. This way you can learn a lot and they could prove to be very useful to you in the long run.

[Owner Note: If you want to make money with twitter then you may like to read my article “5 Best Sites To Help You Make Money With Twitter“]

I Hope you enjoyed this post and will implement a few ways on making money with Twitter. And would you like to add more ways to make money with Twitter in this series? Are you using Twitter in some way to make money? Let me know all this by commenting below.

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Peter Mutiso September 27, 2012 at 4:30 am

This is excellent. I didn’t i can make money with twitter. This point is interesting “Almost all big people of the internet make use of Twitter. Make priceless contacts with people who are more successful than you. This way you can learn a lot and they could prove to be very useful to you in the long run.”

Swamykant October 4, 2012 at 12:35 pm

I made few dollars from Twitter by selling tweets via buysellads but it is not very effective.

Must try other ways mentioned by you.

Lee February 1, 2013 at 11:52 pm

I will admit I haven’t got a twitter account and have never tweeted anything. So this article has been very enlightening in many ways and has definatly given me food for thought I think I will start by just opening a twitter account and linking it to my site and then take it from there.

So for loads of info thanks lee

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