5 Types Of Articles You Can Write At The Year End On Your Blog

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Almost 1 week is remaining for the new year – 2010, to start. Every person in the meantime looks at some good and bad memories for the year that is going to end, and also decides some resolutions for the next year.

As a blogger, you can write articles which will help you to increase your readership, relations with other bloggers and blog traffic. These articles are not the ordinary one which you usually write. These are some special topics which you can write most probably at the end of year.

Here are 5 Types Of Articles You Can Write At The Year End On Your Blog:

1.Your One Year Blog Report

Writing blog reports increases the readers interests as your readers are really keen to know how your blog has been performing over past one year. In such blog report post, you can write about your traffic data in detailed, your blog income, any major success in terms of search rankings, pagerank etc.

In such blog report post you can also write “Best Articles Of Your Blog”. This increases traffic and pageviews in a huge way. This is because there are some of your article which people may have missed in past and would love to read again. In such post, you can write Best Articles over a past one year in terms of traffic, comments and social media sharing.

Example Blog Post – One Year After Getting Laid Off – My Annual Passive Income Report

2. Make Some Predictions For The Next Year

Making predictions creates lots of hype. It brings lots of people talking about it in two ways, one who agrees with the prediction and other who is against that prediction made by you.

Example Blog Post – 2010: the year SEO isn’t important anymore?

3. Best [Some Topic] For The Year

This kind of posts requires very hard work but it’s amongst the best way to increase your traffic, readership and relation with other bloggers in a huge way. Here are some examples you can write under this type:

  • Best Blogging Tips Of 2009
  • Best WordPress Themes & Plugins Of 2009
  • Best Startup Websites Of 2009

Example Blog Post – Daily Blog Tips: Best of 2008

4. Write About Your Past Year Experience

What you learned in 2009?  What was the worst thing you saw people blogging about? All this and more can be written under this type of posts. You can share your thoughts about what has been happening with you, with your niche, with your friends, what made you happy, what made you feel ashamed or embarrass etc.

Example Blog Post – 101 Blogging Tips I’ve Learned in 2009

5. Your Next Year Goals/Resolutions

Write about what you want to achieve as a blogger in the next year. Tell the readers about your targets as a blogger. Write about any interesting subject/project you are going to start on..Writing such posts also increases people’s interests as well as it also gives other bloggers inspiration from your goals/resolutions.

Example Blog Post – My Goals for 2009 – TylerCruz


So, as you saw these 5 Type of Article You Can Write On The Year End. Actually, if you think deep, you will get many more topics you can write at the year end. For example you can give “Blogging Tips For 2010″ or you could tie up with some product owner and provide special offers of it on your blog.

So, What you are gonna write up this year end? Any other Ideas you would like to share? Let me know by commenting below…

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