Differences Between “A Blogger” And “A Successful Blogger”

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This is a guest post by Gagandeep Singh of Landing Page Design.This is a follow up of the article “7 Tips To Improve Your Chances Of Being A Successful Blogger!“. In This post, you will find the reasons which differentiate between a blogger and a successful blogger.

When thousands of blogs are being added daily to blogosphere and each blogger want to get heard and earn a decent income from his blog; only a tiny fraction of blogs become successful. Then it becomes really important to analyze the qualities which turn a blogger into a successful blogger.

So in this article I would be writing of some qualities which are present in successful blogger but not in a blogger.


1. The Purpose Of Writing

A blogger is a person who writes mainly for purpose to earn money as primary purpose and don’t enjoy writing or take it as Passion. But a successful blogger loves writing and always keep the money as secondary goal and content as primary goal.

2. Helping Nature

A Blogger is a person who is more interested in taking from his readers rather than giving but a successful blogger is always very generous. He is always ready to help his readers by providing them great content and try to win respect from them. A successful blogger always believe in “sharing with community”.

3. Importance Of Readers

A Blogger is a Person who uses his blog as a medium of one-way communication. He just posts his views and don’t care about the opinions of his readers. But a successful blogger is a person who always interacts with his readers by replying to his comments and is easily accessible to his readers by email, twitter etc.

4. The Craze For Making Money

A Blogger is a person who doesn’t try to improve the user experience and fill his blog by Useless affiliate programs and irrelevant ads which don’t enhance the user experience but a successful blogger is a person who makes a perfect balance between the free content and advertisements. He only accepts ads which are relevant to blog and enhance the user experience on each visit.

5. Honesty In Opinions

A Blogger is a person who never gives honest opinions about product he is recommending to his readers and influences them to take a wrong decision but a successful blogger always gives his honest opinions to his readers because his readers trust him. A successful blogger always tell about both Pros and cons of products he is recommending to the readers and disclose his relationship with the product by telling readers If he will be getting any compensation for this review or not.

6. The Proof For The Information

A Blogger is a person who never backs his content with evidences, in short people can’t trust him but a successful bloggers provides lot of evidences to support his content so that his readers can take a right decision.

7. Patience & Focused

A Blogger is a person who is impatient and get frustrated when he can’t see quick results. He thinks he is an expert and don’t learn from his mistakes. But A successful blogger is a person who has patience and knows that being successful takes time. He is always ready to accept his mistakes and keep learning from them. In short he is focused towards his goal and keeps working on it.


There are other factors too like Frequency to update blog, participation in Social Media etc which could be included in the article but I tried to focus mainly on the qualities which are related to reader experience. For me each blog where a reader learns something new which helps him to improve his life irrespective of the traffic that blogs get would be a Successful blog.

For Example: I won’t feel that a blogger who get 1000 hits everyday on his blog full of ads but no quality deserve to get called himself a successful blogger. On the other hand a blogger who gets only 100 hits each day on his blog but help readers to enhance their knowledge could be called a Successful blogger according to me.

I would like to hear about your opinions so feel free to share your valuable opinions in the comments and also let us know in which category you feel you are – blogger or successful blogger?

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