How You Can Protect Our Planet Earth As A Blogger

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Everyone is aware about How bad the environmental condition is getting of our Planet Earth. As you will be aware of the recent conference being held at Copenhagen in Denmark where they will be talking about how they can reduce the carbon emission and various other ways to Save The Planet Earth.

And if you still aren’t aware about it, then you are probably a greedy person who don’t care about all this and only like to live in your luxurious life, but remember that your luxurious life won’t stay long if something really, really, really bad happens with Earth .

But It’s really a serious issue one should look at it with full respect. As a blogger, you can take 3 Simple Steps which can contribute really big towards saving our planet.


1. Use Green Hosting

As a blogger, one can choose Green Hosting for their blogs. It means that choosing those Web Hosting Companies which are using electricity for running their servers and offices produced from environmental friendly resources like Windmills. One of the main and best leader in web hosting companies and is still Green is HostGator.

HostGator is powering their servers and offices with the electricity produced from the Windmills situated at Texas city. All of their shared and reseller servers are 130% wind powered!

According to HostGator, It’s the equivalent of:

  1. Removing 444 cars from the road for a year, or
  2. Powering 321 homes with clean energy for a year, or
  3. Saving 5,654 barrels of oil, or
  4. Protecting 551 acres of forest for a year

Just imagine how big you will be contributing by using such hosting. And I am proud to say that I am also a HostGator Customer. They are really good as hosting company. They are cheap, reliable and supportive, Plus they are Green! What else do you want?

2. Change Up The Lighting

When you are blogging, consider switching off those big lights(tube lights) and instead of it, try using CFL bulbs which provides really good light which is sufficient enough to let you blog properly and also it consumes very less electricity. You can also take this one step ahead by switching off the wall lights and bringing in a Table Light or A light which can be focused easily anywhere i.e you will get the required light at your workplace.

This can really help reduce the carbon emission as you will be saving electricity and the best part is that you will be saving lot of money on Electricity Bills. That means you are Making Money Taking such steps 😉

3. Configure Your PC

According to some studies, it has been found that reducing/adjusting the brightness and contrast of your monitor screen helps in saving electricity. Also, a study conducted at TechLogg stated that use of LCD monitors or Energy Efficient monitors can help in reducing the energy consumption. Other than that you can use low electricity consuming computer parts for your PC like Cooling Fan etc.

The Green Conclusion

I hope as blogger, we can contribute big part towards making the earth better from how it is right now. We can’t just talk on this matter of global warming as it has been already too late and one must start taking the steps from right now.

Let me know your thoughts. Tell me your ways so that we can protect our plant earth as a blogger.

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John Chartrand September 28, 2010 at 12:03 am

Another way is to look into alternative power such as using solar energy. Combining the use of solar panels with proper insulation can save not only lots of money but help reduce pollution.

jaydee October 1, 2010 at 5:56 pm

being an IT, proper/green disposal of computer hardware is one way to help mother earth.

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