So You Think You’re Good At SEO, Huh?

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If you really are an SEO expert, then chances are, you’re aware of *some* points discussed in this post. However, if you don’t consider yourself an expert when it comes to SEO, go on and read this post. You’ll find almost all of it interesting and worth the time spent reading.

That said, this post is not going to be on something specific. Instead, it’ll discuss on SEO as general. It won’t be the boring principles and concepts, either. So don’t shy away from it just yet.

What does SEO involve, anyway? Some say it involves building backlinks, others say it involves optimizing the internal functions of the website (linking structure, keywords density etc), while a few say it’s all about getting the word out and about.

Put simply, SEO involves everything. From optimizing your website, to getting the word out and about. If you’re trying to build backlinks as part of your SEO strategy, then try the following tips next time.

Create content that’s not only engaging but induces a feeling of ‘want to share’ in your readers

Your readers will always want to share interesting stuff. Everyone does. Take advantage of this human trait. Create content that is not only engaging, but also compels your readers to share it with others. This way you’re not just making sure that readers keep coming back for more; instead they’ll get new readers with them. Extra traffic and backlinks… without the extra work.

Write about it first

You don’t have to be BBC news. But you can still blog about the ‘new hype’ as soon as possible. It’s not the news that will set you apart. It’s the review on the news that will get you visitors. And when you get visitors, you get attention. And attention, obviously, leads to more quality backlinks!


Vague… yes. But also effective. Sometimes following the trend is not enough. Sometimes you have to break off and travel in the opposite direction. If everyone says “Yes” to a particular issue, you say “Yes, but No”. Doing so sets you apart from all the rest. And when that happens, you become the center of attention. You get blogged about (or linked to) and that results in backlinks. Found Tricky? 😉

Remember though, when planning an SEO strategy there’s a couple issues that you should take care of. Stuff that you need to stay away from. It’s the blackhat techniques. They sure seem inviting and interesting. Given the fact they tend to produce results almost immediately. However, in the long run, there’s nothing worse than blackhat SEO techniques.

Here are some known and popular Blackhat Techniques[I don’t recommend trying it if you are not a daring person 😉]:

Hiding Text

Popular blackhat SEO method often used by spammers to stuff their pages with all sorts of keywords. Their intentions vary. Some do it to boost their search engine rankings (artificially), others do it to trigger high paying advertisements (contextual ad serving technology) while others do it to aid them in their overall SEO strategy. The mere idea of hiding text to boost rankings definitely sounds inviting, but the search engines will catch up on to it very soon. So unless you’re looking to get banned, refrain from it.

Cloaking Pages

The most common (and dangerous) method that falls under Blackhat SEO. The basic concept of cloaking involves serving two different pages. One to the search engines, the other to the real visitors. Spammers create a page full of keywords and phrases (and content that makes no sense) in order to boost their search engine rankings. This page is returned whenever a search engine bot visits their website. However, when a real user visits their website, a completely different page is returned.

Buying/Selling Links

Up until recently, this was the hype. People buying links all over to boost their search engine rankings. However, while it’s not blackhat, it most certainly affects the search engines in a negative way. Anyone can buy a few high quality links to get a boost in their search engine rankings. There’s no guarantees that the site itself is going to be of any value. However, the search engines would obviously rank it higher, given the fact it has high quality links pointing back to it.

The problem arises when a common man searches for something, and ends up visiting the site; of course, disappointed because there’s nothing worth looking on the site. This, in turn, creates a negative impression of the search engine. One visitor makes no difference, but for something like Google, MSN, Yahoo, we’re talking about millions of visitors.

That said, recently, all the major search engines have started cracking down on paid links. Paid links manipulate the way in which site reporting and sorting occurs, and is thus considered unethical.


It’s very easy to get carried away when making up an SEO strategy for your brand new website. Thing is, you need to make sure you don’t get carried away. Make logical decisions and judgments. Decide what’s best for your website/blog before you blindly implement every other SEO tip you come across.

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John December 29, 2009 at 12:28 am

I would steer clear of Black hat methods…. it’s an unnecessary risk, when white hat methods are quite effective.
.-= John@Weight loss Supplements´s last blog ..Muscle Building Foods – Build Muscle Fast With This Protein Strategy =-.

akira07 December 31, 2009 at 4:00 am

Agree 100%.
Black hat = joy in the first, suffer in the end
.-= akira07´s last blog ..My Resolution for 2010 =-.

will December 29, 2009 at 11:53 pm

For the diligent SEOer, white hat methods definitely suffice. The community of do-follow and commentluv blogs is really huge when you start to look around! Thanks for your info, for allowing me to post, and for using commentluv. Please feel free to drop backlinks on my blog to your pages anytime!!

irfan January 8, 2010 at 10:04 am

My Tips for good seo ..update your blog at 1 posting for one weak. The ideal is 3 posting for one week. Also add backlink everyday at least 2 backlink everday.

Tyler June 5, 2010 at 6:26 am

This is more of a list of things not to do than things to do, which is also very important I suppose. I can not stand blackhatters and their shady techniques. So if you’re going to do SEO don’t do that! please!

Tyler @ Natural Anxiety Cures
.-= Tyler´s last blog ..Anxiety and Panic Attack Relief =-.

Hoff January 3, 2011 at 8:00 pm

This is more of a list of things not to do than things to do, which is also very important I suppose. I can not stand blackhatters and their shady techniques. he community of do-follow and commentluv blogs is really huge when you start to look around! Thanks for your info, for allowing me to post, and for using commentluv.

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