InfoLinks – An In-Text Advertising Leader And 4 Tips To Make More Money Using It

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How would you like earning money from your blog whenever someone clicks a highlighted text on your blog? This can be done with the help of In-Text ads on your site which will highlight some keywords on your blog as if you have hyper-linked it to some page.

In-Text advertising is not a new thing but it has become a popular way earning online amongst website owners as it provides clean integration of ads for which they make money on pay per click basis.

In past few years, InfoLinks have really come ahead and standing strong as a Leader in providing In-Text advertising and making publisher make money online with it’s program.

InfoLinks started in 2007 is now serving thousands of publishers with in-text ads and many of them are saying that “It Rocks”. I have also been using InfoLinks from many months and the results have been way better that I have thought of. You can really see it as an alternative to Google Adsense if you are looking for a clean income source and problem getting into Adsense program and their stupid conditions.

Watch this cool video about InfoLinks recently conducted “Double For Bubble” challenge in which many people showed their love to Infolinks:

[flv: 480 360]

Integrating InfoLinks Is Like 1, 2 & 3!

Integration of InfoLinks to your blog is way simple than you can think. You just have to copy the script from your account and paste it to the appropriate website after Ending BODY tag. If you are using WordPress Platform, then it’s more simpler to do it by the use of free plugins available on web.

The script will do the rest of work! You don’t have to go through any boring process as in other PPC ads networks in which you have to think too much about where to paste the ad block code etc.

Still Having Problem Integrating? Try Their Friendly Support

If you have any problem in integrating the ad code or anything related to InfoLinks, then you  can just simply ask for the help from their Customer Support. They will surely answer you within 24hrs.

Recently, I was having a problem that the InfoLinks ads were not appearing ion this blog, I looked but didn’t found any resolution so I though to give their support a try. And Yes, their support replied with the resolution for my problem which was just my stupid mistake of using InfoLinks turn on/off feature in wrong manner and I was happy to get InfoLinks back on the blog.

You Will Be Happy With Earnings & They Pay At Time!

If you have great amount of traffic coming from countries like U.S , Canada, UK etc. then you can be happy to see high earnings with InfoLinks as most of the advertisers bid higher for traffic coming for those countries.

InfoLinks pays at the accurate time which they told. They pay after the end of every month when you account income reaches $100.

You can cash out from your Paypal, Bank Account or a Special Payoneer Master card created for InfoLinks users.

4 Tips To Make More Money With Infolinks

By using infolinks for so many months, I have tried various ways to improve my earnings. By doing hit & trial methods, I came to the conclusiion that these tips/steps could improve the intext advertising revenue:

1. Single Underline Works Best

While integrating infolinks on your blog/website you can choose to show intext ads keywords highlighted by single underline or double underline. From what I have concluded from past, single underline might work the best.

Why? This is because single underline creates an ad blindness and in it appears like as if you have hyper-linked something. So most of the time, a person will just go and click that “single underlined” keyword thinking that it’s something important being shared by you.

You can increase this “Ad Blindness” by using the below mentioned 2nd tip.

2. The Blue Color Confusion

As we all know that Blue Color has been most common color for hyperlinked words. Whenever a person see a word highlighted with blue color and single underlined, most probably he will think of clicking it, as “blue color” have created that kind of mindset.

Using blue color while integrating infolinks could simply increase your earnings very much.

On an alternate way, you can also think of matching the intext ads color with your blog default color for hyperlinked words.

3. Making Use Of High Paying Keywords

This is a very cool trick. While writing your article, try to include some keywords related to your article which could are usually bid high by the the advertisers. To know those keywords, you can make use of Google Adwords Keyword Tool(just google it). It will help you to find such keywords, if you don’t have any experience in high paying keywords in your industry.

I suggest it to use this tip very efficiently as this will not only increase your infolinks earnings but also improve the keyword density of that article and you will be unknowingly doing search engine optimization for your blog 😉

But remember not to overdo it!

4. Turn That Off

For what reason does your readers visit your blog/website? For looking your sidebar? For checking the top commentators list or something like that? NO! They visit to read your articles…

Infolinks have a very cool feature with the help of which you can easily turn infolinks ads ON and OFF on your desired pages/areas. This can be done by inserting two simple lines to those pages/areas where you don’t want the ads to be shown. These codes are:

So, I suggest you to show infolinks ads only your content and close it everywhere i.e sidebars, comments section, footer etc. You will surely see great earning with this trick.


If you are depressed by not getting an adsense account & it’s earnings and also not happy with any other ad networks then I would strongly suggest you to go for Infolinks. They don’t have any special conditions for some countries(like in adsense). They will just review you website and accept it. It’s a clean income source. It doesn’t take any space on your blog and you will be still earning a nice income.

Are you using Infolinks or any other kind of in-text advertising on your blog/website? Have you tried Infolinks? Would you like to share you opinions about Infolinks and the In-Text advertising? Then just do it by using the comment form below…


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Lyn March 20, 2011 at 6:41 am

A lot of my friends uses infolinks in their blog together of their adsense…!!! I think,now infolinks are getting “worn out”…

Sreejesh @techgyo June 5, 2011 at 4:36 am

Looks like you are not using infolinks anymore. Even i quite cos of their poor CPM.

Sushant Risodkar June 5, 2011 at 7:43 am

yup, I removed it because of that and also people reported me that they find it annoying.

George June 7, 2011 at 12:28 pm

Great article Sushant. I’ve read a couple of other articles too on infolinks and it looks like many of the users are not that satisfied with the results. Infolinks states that it benefits website owners and publishers to earn high revenues but the opinions of almost all users has been the opposite. I think such providers should listen to the users and make the necessary changes in order to provide quality service to its users.

Tom June 9, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Not sure about #3, since Infolinks advertisers might have different bids than Adwords advertisers.

Adam Clarke November 29, 2011 at 6:44 pm

I have been looking for additional ways to monetize my site. This sounds like a really good advertising strategy. Can I use it as well as adsense? I’ve been able to see days as high as $80 from adsense. Adding to that would be great.

Sushant Risodkar December 1, 2011 at 9:03 pm

Yes, you can use it on your blog/sites having adsense units.

sharad February 29, 2012 at 8:00 pm

I was recently rejected by adsense and was looking for alternatives. I stumbled upon Kontera and Infolinks. after reading your post I have decided to apply for Infolinks.

Srikanta Kundu April 12, 2012 at 9:13 am

Hello Friend I am using Infolinks from last few weeks but it is not getting much higher revenue from it.Please tell me any better ways to increase Infolinks earning as well as Adsense earning.

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