Membership Sites – Great Way For Recurring Online Income

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Membership sites is not a new concept. It’s something that has been around for quite sometime and those who are having a membership site are making huge online profits. However, it is also one niche that is not used a lot. Only a few % of webmasters actually think of venturing in this area. Why?

Simply because they are under the impression that membership sites are a pain to maintain, promote and update. However, you’ll see (after reading this blog post) that it is quite the contrary and how one can make money online buidling a membership site.

Here are some tips which will help you in buidling a membership site for recurring online income

Starting Up

To begin with, you don’t really need a very complex script or code to set up a membership site. A popular CMS, Joomla, will suffice just fine. Using Joomla and a free module/addon that allows you to turn your site into an e-commerce online store, you can manage members and payments, etc. Added to that, with all the themes and customizations that are already built in Joomla, it only takes a while to get a good grasp of how to configure it to your liking.

Attractive Sales Letter

Most of the membership sites revolve around the Make Money Online niche. The point is… there’s more than enough information on that niche available for free. You or I dont really need to pay someone $xx per month to get advice on making money online. A little bit of reading and adding your own creativity to it can help you make money online. What YOUR membership site should offer, is something that can actually benefit the subscriber.

Which leads me to talk about “What should I offer them?“. One example would be a membership site, where the members can download pre-made niche sites/blogs. Download them, upload them to their host, use a domain and they have a perfectly functional website.

The point here is, you’re actually giving your subscribers something they can put to immediate use and benefit from. And all you have to do, is make sure you update your database with new niche sites every month. Simply add 15-20 new sites each month and all your members should be happy. They’ll have a reason to keep subscribing back to your service every month. And you just have to maintain everything once, instead of doing it over and over for each member.

Promoting A Membership Site

The starting point should be to promote them everywhere. In all the webmaster forums, all the blogs you’re subscribed to. You can also buy advertisements on popular blogs. And not just any blog, but strictly limit your advertisements to webmaster related niche blogs or forums. What you want is other webmasters like you. Webmasters who are too lazy to create mini sites themselves. You do the hard work for them and they pay you $xx every month so they can get more new sites and updates every month.

You’re happy because you’re getting paid and making decent profits. They’re happy because they get ready made websites every month and the collection grows! It’s a win-win situation!


As your membership site grows, you can always outsource the work you do. That allows you to expand the core features of the membership site and dedicate more time to helping your members with their queries. Doing so gives them the assurance that you are not only interested in their $$ but also in helping them succeed. And nothing helps promote customer loyalty as much as good after-sales service 😉


The basic idea is that as long as your membership site has something of value to offer (apart from assurances of making money) then you can be successful. All it takes is thinking different and living up to the expectations of your subscribers. Of course, you should also be creative and expand in every way you can!

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Jym @ Blog Marketing July 15, 2011 at 5:03 pm

Wow! Looks like an awesome course.

I’d definitely be tempted to go down this route sometime in the future, but it seems like a lot of technical issues would need to be addressed. Paid memberships is a great way to create a residual income.

Offering different layers would be the way to go, starting with free content and ending up with very high ticket ‘elite mastermind’ access…

Thanks for this Sushant, you got me thinking about the possibilities…

Michelle Sterling July 15, 2011 at 6:41 pm

Those interested in running membership sites should have the time and the right technique otherwise it can become a total failure. Many people are successful with membership sites but I get a bit surprised sometimes when I come across people who run a number of sites and actively involved in membership sites as well.

Wayne Lambert October 7, 2011 at 1:35 am

I’ve no idea why you would use Joomla when you can simply use WordPress and a plugin such as Wishlist Member or Digital Access Pass to protect your content.

Just because someone has a membership site – it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are raking in loads of cash like you mention. It’s far easier to create the content and infrastructure for a membership site than it is to market it to a passionate buying audience.

Hamza November 16, 2011 at 3:15 am

Although this is a little bit old article when membership sites used to be cool with Internet Marketers.But the problem as in 2011 is that most of the people have misused membership sites and at least in 2011 it’s become a passing fad.Many times I’ve heard from people that they were not delivered the products promised by membership sites or even if they were provided content it was of low quality.Last but not least I’d like to add that making a membership site is easier said than done like any thing else in life.

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