Success In Blogging Requires Attitude

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When I started my blog a few months back, I was very excited. At last, my passion for writing will finally have an outlet; I can now share my work with the world. Learning all the technicalities of starting a blog, it was all very easy. Until I came to the part about posting and letting my blog be known in the blogosphere. Nothing has prepared me for the struggle which I come to face. I thought having all the know-how is enough; but how wrong was I.

It has then dawned on me that to be a successful blogger I must first be in tune with myself to deal with challenges inherent its pursuit. Like every newbie, I relied on the advice of top bloggers but it’s not enough. And now I will share what I’ve learned from my experience.

Top Bloggers have generously shared their formulas on how they had put their blog to success; and in an effort of many to be rewarded the same, they render the method onto theirs.

But something’s wrong: How come few—I mean very few—succeeds? A frustrated blogger may say, “I did what the experts recommend but I’m still in the sewers? Why did it not work for me?” What most inexperienced bloggers don’t realize is the profound importance of building yourself! This aspect will decide whether you succeed or not.

Do you think merely knowing all the proven strategies for skyrocketing your site will give you the edge? I’m sorry to disappoint you but it’s not simple as it seems. It is important you possess the right attitudes to put muscles on those strategies.

Consider yourself for a while. Do you have the essential attitudes to work on the crucial aspects of successful blogging? If not then prioritize on developing yourself; if you can’t then blogging will be much harder—neither any form of endeavor.

What are these essential attitudes? Read carefully and put it into practice. It will be your most powerful weapon against hindrances you will experience as you go about with the challenges of blogging.


Don’t get caught on the thought of difficulty; make a move! If your mind has labeled a goal impossible, allow it: but don’t allow it to prescribe your every move. Pursue upon your advancement—not on your decay. Don’t just sit and be envious of the good fortunes of other bloggers. Make one for yourself.

In this competitive life if you lay stagnant you’ll find yourself living on the losing end. It may sound harsh but it is the reality. Life is what you make of it; your future is the consequence of your present actions—or inaction. Don’t’ be left behind. Work on your plans. NOW!

Don’t Give Up When You Fail

Failure is a necessity of life. To understand its wisdom you MUST strip the negative connotations your mind have imposed upon it. Having conditioned since childhood of its discouraging and demeaning effect, we make an erroneous response. If you’re serious about getting what you want you must evolve and see failure beyond the facade of defeat. Instead, learn the lesson it conveys and look for hidden opportunities—find the good pieces and use it as your guide to your next move. You are wise if you impute failure as a requisite of success— all successful bloggers work on this virtue.

A toddler, in its effort to walk will encounter a lot of mishaps, pain, bumps, bruise—all the bludgeoning of failures. Yet it doesn’t give up, each fall is an opportunity to try again until he masters it. Failure is an opportunity is disguise.

Embrace Perseverance

Is anyone familiar with the virtue of perseverance anymore? I believe it has shrink down to a word in the dictionary. Nobody wants to persevere anymore; everybody wants the quick fix. There are those however, who tried the standard approach, but throw the towel at the first sting of failure—it’s a whole lot easier to give up than to stand up: a common self-defeating attitude embraced by many.

To succeed in blogging one must have the tenacity to stick with his goal—no matter how many walls of disappointments arises. This subtle, behind the scene attitude is also common among top bloggers.

Lock yourself with your goal and pursue it as if it’s your mission in life.

Hard Work Entails Every Journey To Success

Am I sounding trite on this one? Do I feel that some are not doing good enough or do I feel some are cheating with their work? Only you can answer this question. I’m not saying to kill yourself to work, what I want to emphasize is the quality of work you put in your work. By working hard I mean working to the best of your abilities—100% of your attention in it. One hour of dedicated work is more productive than 5 hours work full of distractions like daydreaming and procrastination.

Continuous Learning

To succeed in everything you must be effective. Always find time to develop your inner self. Meditate for a while and find ways to learn more. Wisdom is not gained by experience alone, you must find it from other sources. The more you grow personally the better you will see the entirety of life. In blogging, the more you affect wisdom and understanding the more you get people to follow you.

Keep in mind that blogging is personal, and you are communicating with real people. Visitors of your blog will always look for something that makes sense. Yes, they may be searching for some answers but they may also be searching for something that will affect them. Be that instrument.

Never Loose Focus

This virtue is concomitant with perseverance. In the process of promoting your blog, instances will come when you get discouraged. There are many triggers:

  • Your strategies are not working
  • You find it hard to implement a plan
  • “Luck” does not seem to favor your efforts

Whatever challenges you face remember to keep your focus. Act on your goal even if everything is against it. By pushing through you are applying a particular characteristic of success.

Acknowledge The Limits Of Your Body

Wait! Hold your horses! Don’t get stupid by working yourself to death. Remember your own mortality. The mind may be unlimited but your body is not; give it the necessary replenishment.

Also, free your mind. Take time to spoil yourself. If you crave for something, allow it. Go to a fancy restaurant, take a vacation with your family, make someone happy, goof around with your friends, get even with your annoying neighbors—anything that will bring you delight: except of course for the neighbor part. J Remember, you deserve it.


If you love what you’re doing you will feel no stress; all will be fun and excitement. As I’m writing this post I felt deep happiness knowing that I will be sharing this with you, my dear readers.


Develop what I have stated above and it will surely make a big difference. If you held on the thought of impossibility it would certainly be. Don’t focus on implementing your strategies—monetizing, link building, etc.—unless you have the right attitude to go with it. Perhaps many of you thought that having the right formula alone can lift your blog to the top. You can try to prove me wrong, but success is a matter of character.

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Karl Foxley February 10, 2010 at 10:52 pm

Great post Walter. Continuous learning is so important for a blogger and for business owners.

The Internet and is forever evolving and it is only through learning about new trends that we can discover how they can be implemented in our blogging (and / or business).


.-= Karl Foxley´s last blog ..Google Page Rank Score Too Low? Keep Your Links Thank You =-.

George Suarez September 8, 2011 at 10:08 pm

Completely true, the article centers around how a blogger ought to be but from whichever profession we might be its important to have the right attitude so that we can help ourselves. Since a blogger influences the lives of other people through their blogs it is very important for bloggers to have the right attitude.

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