5 Ways to Spread the Brand of your Blog Like Fire

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This is a guest post written by Melvin Dichoso from MelvinBlog Dot Com

Each and everyone who owns a blog definitely wants to build an audience towards the brand of their own. And of course, we want to spread it and have it exposed to as much people as possible. Since millions of new blogs are created every day, it’s an uphill battle for us, bloggers to spread our own and stand out from the rest.

But we should never get worried. Obviously most of the blogs are just junk blogs, either blogs who are just created for SEO benefits or blogs that are created by inexperienced bloggers. Overall we still have a good chance of getting recognized, acquiring new readers and reaping good benefits for spreading our brand.

So without further ado, here are those 5 top notch ways and methods to get the brand of your blog across vast demographics:

1.Facebook Fan Page

By just surfing around the internet, you could easily notice that a lot of blogs are now starting to add that Facebook Fan Page widget. What this thing does is enable your site to have its own Facebook page where Facebook users could keep track of it by becoming Fans. It’s very evident how powerful Facebook is as a social tool and by having it, you’re expanding your blog to a wider audience while reaping the SEO benefits of getting listed in Facebook. Do one now for your blog by going here.

2.Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect, although is not new, is something that hasn‘t been yet utilized by a lot of bloggers yet. I‘ve seen few blogs using this and obviously it‘s another solid way to get traffic. It basically works like Facebook Fan Page but with different demographics and focus. If your blog doesn‘t have one, consider using it now.

3.Issue a Press Release

Who says press release is dead? Press Release is another powerful way to get a blog out there if done properly. Press release works in 2 ways, first is the traffic and second is the links. Most press release sites cater great traffic and if you write a good release then chances are your writeup would be viewed a lot. Then because press sites work like news sites, a lot of website and blogs pull RSS feeds and data from them. In a few weeks Google will have indexed thousands of websites with your info in it. Doing press release can be challenging at start. You might even get rejected for a couple of times but that‘s part of learning. Eventually in the future once you get how it works, you can really maximize it to your advantage.

4.Doing Guest Posts

Guest posting is the quickest way to get readers and spread the brand of your blog if you‘re not going to spend any dime in advertising. By guest posting, you are entering the door of another variety of audience, audience who probably have never heard of your blog before. It‘s like you are reaching for a totally different viewers. If you have a superb quality guest post (which you should!), then they will more likely add your blog to their feed readers as well.

5.Creating a Twitter Account for Your Blog

We‘ve seen how Twitter users have skyrocketed since the day tweeting has started. Not creating one for your blog is too much of a good opportunity to pass for. By creating an account, we don‘t really need to use it like a personal twitter account, but we can utilize it to bring more and more brand awareness and traffic to our blog.


With those five steps, it‘s evident that it isn‘t really hard to bring a blog up from scratch and have it recognized by a huge audience. Doing all of those things that I mentioned above, you can be assured that your blog can be recognized as well as get read by more and more people. And if you already have that good amount of traffic and readers in your blog, it‘s now time to start reaping the benefits. 😉

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Peter J March 2, 2010 at 2:58 pm

just because you use these social services doesnt mean that you will get any further. You still have to work on sharing your content.

Cebu Tech Blogger March 2, 2010 at 3:50 pm

Exactly… But at least using these social services paves the way on how you are going to share the contents of your blog.
.-= Cebu Tech Blogger´s last blog ..Yahoo Messenger Pingbox for Blogs and Websites =-.

Bratt March 3, 2010 at 8:41 pm

Guest posting… who woulda thunk?!! Turns out it’s a really great thing.

As a professional dog trainer, I found my niche in teaching people how to understand dogs and their behavior through the reflection of your own behavior. Then applied how to get out and play more, view the world through the eyes of a dog not only gets you a trained dog but more people with balanced lives, successful businesses, and better relationships in general.

Many dog trainers are afraid to “give anything away”. I’ve learned teaching people through my writing brings so much back in so many ways.

Guest blogging has been a great way to do just that! I highly recommend it regardless of your niche!
.-= K9 Coach´s last blog ..Chasing Away Depression: Run With Your Dog =-.

Edwin March 29, 2010 at 6:55 pm

i never knew how to do press releases. going to research it more. is it free?
.-= Edwin´s last blog ..How To Browse Blocked Websites =-.

Typhoon March 30, 2010 at 4:14 pm

not everywhere..

vince January 26, 2011 at 2:01 pm

cool tips 🙂 i like the guest posting thing..

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