5 Weird Ways to Make Free Money Online

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This is a guest post by Christopher Lawrence who is telling us 5 weird ways to make money online.

When scouring the internet for ways to make free money online, you may run into some really weird programs.  Generally, these programs are dismissed without a second thought because it is hard to believe that someone would actually pay for something like that.

When you do find a weird program,make it is always a good idea to do a little research before joining to make sure that you are not about to be scammed.  This is a list of five weird ways to make money online that are, believe it or not, viable…

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ONE: Mock Trials

There are several websites that will pay you to participate in mock trials.  These trials are simulations of an actual case that a lawyer wants to present.  These lawyers want to test out their presentation to a large group of people within a certain demographic to determine whether their argument is convincing.

These trials generally take about an hour to complete and you can get paid anywhere from $10 to $60.  Don’t think you can make a full time living from this though.  Trials only come along once in a blue moon.  These programs cost the lawyers approximately $2,000, so there really isn’t a backlog of trials you can partake in.  It is a good way to make some extra money every couple of months though.  You can increase your chances of landing a trial by signing up for several of these programs.

TWO: Paid Online Surveys

There is a lot of skepticism around paid online surveys.  This is because many so called survey websites are scams.  In their terms of service, they will place a stipulation that you must make an enormous amount of money before you will be paid.  There are some reputable survey sites out there though.

It is always important to do a little research before you join one.  You don’t want to waste your time on a site that doesn’t deliver.  These sites exist to provide large companies with marketing research.  Marketing research is expensive and valuable data for any industry.

THREE: Playing Games

This has to be a joke right?  Wrong.  Some website will actually pay you to play game on their site.  This is how they attract visitors.  They can do this because they make much more money on advertising than what they are giving you.  Generally you can only earn pennies on these sites because you are just playing games.  It sounds ridiculous, but it is a reality.

FOUR: Answering Questions

Are you really good at Jeopardy?  Well, if you are, you can make a couple cents for every question you answer on sites like Cha Cha.  Again, you won’t get rich this way, but it is a good way to earn a couple of extra bucks a day if you are quick.  Sites like this are perfect for the know-it-alls.

{Admin NOTE} : You can also give a try Mahalo. It has a section called “Mahalo Tasks” which is just like Yahoo! Answers but you get paid here for answering questions. You will get some X “Mahalo Dollars” if the person who have asked the question found your answer helpful. Once you have collected 150 “Mahalo Dollars” then you can cash out. 1 Mahalo Dollar = $0.75 which will be paid via PayPal.

FIVE: Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is something that you can actually make some decent income on.  All you need to do is provide a link to a website or article, write a short description on it, and watch the money roll in.  You will have to create a lot of bookmarks before you see some decent money from it.  It is recommended to join several of these sites to increase your earning potential.  This is also a good way to promote some of your own articles or website pages.

{Admin NOTE} : Give a try to BlogEngage Revenue sharing if you are looking forward to make money online through this way.

At The End...

There are hundreds of ways to make free money online, but these are some of the strangest.  You can’t make a ton of money with these methods, but they can be pretty fun once in a while.  The trick to determining whether a site is worth joining is whether it will seem like work to you.  If it sounds like fun, and isn’t a scam, there is no harm in playing along.

Do let me know your opinions on these weird ways of making money online. Do you some more weird ways to make money online?

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James May July 9, 2011 at 10:56 pm

Really weird ways. Mock trials is new to me, have to find out more on this though I do not intend to even try it specially after reading the comments 🙂 As far as playing and earning is concerned I’m not a hardcore gamer but I do play online games and I think it would be utter folly to pass the time away playing trying to win money, better to stay away from gambling.

Michelle Sterling September 7, 2011 at 11:06 pm

I don’t think that playing games is a weird way to make online over the internet. It’s actually awesome. It’s like your being paid to enjoy yourself. I must get one of these type of jobs.

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