15 Practical Strategies For Twitter Marketing

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Twitter has taken the world by storm. As information becomes overwhelming for many people on the net, the promise of 140 character conversations has found a home for many people trying to avoid information overload. Savvy web businesses have found Twitter as a new way to engage previous customers and the potential to reach out to new leads.

There are good ways of using Twitter for your business, but there are certainly bad ways as well. Twitter is a great way to directly contact people that are actively talking about your brand and products. With the ability to create buzz around new products, handle customer support and gain feedback, Twitter is becoming a very helpful and essential tool for both small and big businesses.

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The Following Are 15 Practical Strategies For Twitter Marketing:

  1. Use Twitter search to find people talking about you. Input the name of your product or brand and see what these people have to say. Reply openly to them using @name and see what kind of feedback they have for you.
  2. Twitter can be a great way to provide customer service. Instead of having to deal with phone calls, many little problems can be addressed within the 140 characters. Great customer service will lead to a better bond between your customers and your business.
  3. Keep your following/followers ratio to people that are actually active and engaging. Although you may swoon to the allure of hundreds of thousands of Twitter followers an important factor to consider is how active these people are. It’s worthless to have hundreds of thousands of followers if none of them are responding, so keep your following/followers to only people that are actually active.
  4. Set a plan for your Twitter campaign. Before you go blindly tweeting, try to create a plan which details what sort of issues you want to address. Perhaps you want to use your Twitter account to talk about new product, maybe you want to use it to handle customer support. Having a clear goal will help you from getting trapped in the endless cycle of talking about nothing.
  5. Be human. Twitter users are people too, which means they have opinions and dreams just like you do. These Twitter users are talking about what interests them, so don’t just spam them with robotic text and pound at them with links to your website. Try to bond and create a relationship with your followers, a great relationship will lead to great trust and eventually they may do business with you.
  6. Be helpful, not just for your brand. People always ask questions on Twitter, you could be the one to answer it for them. You don’t always have to talk about yourself or your products, in fact, it’s probably best that you barely mention yourself. Try to help others on issues you have knowledge about or at least point them in a good direction.
  7. Customize your account. Each Twitter profile page has the ability to fill in details about you, so go ahead and do it! People look at your profile to get to know a little bit about you before deciding to follow you. Style the background of your Twitter with a custom picture to show off some additional information. Add humanism to your profile to show that people can really get to know you.
  8. Help promote others. Whenever someone tweets an interesting article, go ahead and help them out by re-tweeting what they’ve posted. If you genuinely enjoy what they have posted, give them a comment or tell others what you thought about it.
  9. Don’t over promote yourself. You know that guy that shows up at every party where all he does is talk about him and how awesome he is? Don’t be him. Although your plan may be to sell additional products through Twitter, don’t just slam people with repeated links to your products and services.
  10. Promote your Twitter account. If you’re using your Twitter account to promote your business then use your business to promote your Twitter account. Tell people you have a Twitter account and they can engage you easily through this medium; you’ll be surprised how many people want to hear you talk.
  11. Get to know your followers. Check the bios of your followers and see if they have links to their blogs or websites. Visit their websites and make comments on their blogs and such.
  12. Use desktop applications such as TweetDeck to keep up with very active discussions along with other great tools to enhance your Twitter experience.
  13. Don’t follow more people than you can handle. If you’re reaching hundreds of thousands of people to follow, you’re going to have an impossible time with keeping up with what’s going on. It’s better to have a manageable amount of people you are following to make sure you don’t get lost in the technobabble.
  14. Share your opinion, it’s okay to think differently. You don’t always have to agree with what someone has to say, so go ahead and voice your opinion. In the social net, people enjoy seeing companies that act human by voicing their opinions than to give a cookie-cutter response to everything.
  15. Finally, just try it! Don’t be scared that Twitter is this new thing and you ‘don’t know what to do’. The easiest way to start using Twitter is exactly that, just start using it. If you don’t start now, you may be left in the dust.

At The End…

These 15 tips will hopefully help you understand your businesses role when using Twitter. Keeping up to date with your followers, informing them of products and engaging them in discussion will help your business grow in the online world. Don’t wait any longer and start tweeting today, you’ll be happy you did.

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Jimmy Sou June 5, 2010 at 6:09 am

I read a lot about Twitter Marketing and your post covers just about every tactic there is.
.-= Jimmy Sou@make money with twitter´s last blog ..Jacqueline Van Tol – Using Feedback From Twitter Followers =-.

George Suarez August 13, 2011 at 1:33 pm

Whatever, the number of followers, trying to handle what we can is a very good point. Also, helping others is a very strong point, we’re all into business but we should not try to forget that by trying to be helpful we are promoting our business as well. A business man who thinks only about himself, his brand, his business is not professional businessman.

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