5 Reasons Why Blogging Is Best Business For Students

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This is a guest post by Tushar Agarwal from BloggersPassion.

The general definition of a student all around the world is same – a child who studies. Their daily routine comprises of going to school/college and completing assignments related to your subjects. Normally, a student’s life is considered boring because he do not have much to do except studying and securing good marks.

But in this era of modernization and materialism, students need extra money to live their life and so they are indulging in part time jobs. And lot of them has opted for blogging. I personally feel that blogging is the best part time business for any student. There are lots of positives in blogging which can compliment your all round performance.

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Here are the top 5 reasons why a student should go for blogging if he/she is thinking of a part time job:

  1. Very Little Investment – Blogging does not require huge investment. If you are passionate or very knowledgeable about something (cricket, technology, commerce, environment etc.) and can spare an hour or two and Rs 200 per month from your pocket money, you can easily start a blog with own hosting and domain. My blog, BloggersPassion, just cost me Rs. 1000 per year. You need to do hard work in the beginning and after that, life will become easy for you as a blogger.
  2. Work At Your Own LeisureThe major problem with students is the time. They have to adjust their schedule for other jobs. But for blogging, you can work when you want. Late at night or early in the morning; it’s entirely your choice. You decide the work hours and effort without anyone’s supervision.
  3. Great Boost In Resume – If you will mention in your resume that as a student, you are into serious blogging and are successful; that will be a strong point in your hobbies or extra curricular activities and will surely impress the Human Resource Department, thereby increasing your chances of being selected.
  4. Popularity With Knowledge – A successful blog can get you fame more than topping your examinations and you can be a popular guy in the college. Blogging is not considered a common activity in India and a blogger is bound to receive huge compliments, but only if his blog is successful and recognized. If you fail, then you will be ignored and labeled as just another internet psycho.
  5. Huge Returns – Nothing could be better in a student’s life than earning an extra few hundred bucks. Blogging can fetch you lot of them and if you consider the fact that every thing is earned in US dollars and the conversion rate of USD to INR is quite good, an extra amount of Rs. 4000 would be too much to say. This is enough money to take care of your EXTRA EXPENSES (I hope you get them).

Internet has become easily accessible for everyone in India and starting an own blog in blogosphere is not a distant dream anymore. The right approach, a creative mind and a passion to succeed can get you laurels and cash that you always dreamt for.

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George Suarez August 6, 2011 at 11:09 pm

Students can benefit running a blog and there are a lot of students who are earning a decent income by running blogs. It doesn’t cost much to create a blog but it does costs more in the long run. However, a student has to concentrate more on their studies rather than spending 24/7 on the blog.

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