Commenting Or Guest Blogging – What Is Your Way Of Promoting?

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This is a guest post by Tushar Agarwal from BloggersPassion.

Promotion is the only way to keep a blog alive. It is always said that good content is nothing without traffic. The quality of the content does matter but if nobody come to your blog, what is the use of that content. It will not get the laurels it deserves and this is sure to discourage you.

90% of the bloggers use free methods of promoting which sometimes work and sometimes does not.

But ask any seasoned blogger about the best way to promote a blog without spending a single penny and the most common answers you will hear are COMMENTING and GUEST BLOGGING.

These are the most used methods and often leave us with a debate on which is the best among the two. Both have its advantages and I am trying to find out the best between these two based on two common metrics.

blog commenting vs guest blogging

1. Effort

Obviously, guest blogging takes much more effort than commenting. For promoting the blog through COMMENTING, you just need to go to a blog, click on the post that you understand and comment. Many “desperate for traffic” commentators do not even bother to read what is there in the post. They are more interested in leaving their link there and waiting for traffic.

On the other hand, GUEST POSTING takes a lot of effort, you have to be at your very best to deliver the best article and that require as much time as your own blog’s post needs. A bad guest post can very easily backfire because:

  • The blog author can easily reject it citing reasons that you are just posting to get the visitors and the quality is missing. He might also not consider your future posts as FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION.
  • Even if your bad guest post gets published, readers will eventually find out that this was nothing more than a guest post. Just 300 words of crap to get the back link and traffic can force them to avoid you, your posts and your blog in the future.

2. Result

When it comes to the end result you wanted, the traffic, guest blogging leaves commenting way behind. With a good quality guest post published in a blog with huge traffic, do not be surprised if you get few hundred hits in a day.

Commenting can never get you this much number of visitors even if you put in as much time as you put in your post. Moreover, if your comment is not in the first 5, you might not even get noticed and your little effort will go in vain.

Only guest posting can get you traffic that you want, all it requires is that little extra effort.

But as everything, guest blogging has some disadvantages. First, you have to write your best post to attract the traffic. This post could have been on your blog but it could not happen. Second, if you make a wrong choice of the blog where you will be posting, you might not get enough traffic and your effort goes waste.

Still, guest blogging is one of those ways that can get you tonnes of traffic. There is a merrier side of guest blogging. There are many blogs that offer revenue sharing i.e. you get Adsense revenue for the ads that are clicked on the page your post is displayed, provided you have entered your Adsense publication id.

At The End…

I encourage everyone of you reading this post to participate in this debate between commenting and guest posting. And do not forget to participate in our poll below.

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sudharsan June 13, 2010 at 10:09 pm

If u have knowledge then go for a “guest post” otherwise you can comment in other blog with ur same niche….

For a newbie commenting is good for them….But GUEST post is the best way for a Blog promotion…

Kavita November 17, 2010 at 8:48 pm

I prefer commenting as I have not yet ventured into guest blogging. But guest blogging is a top blog promotion tool today and have read different views about it and I have written about guest blogging in my latest article. Tushar, I appreciate your guest blogging tips and have mentioned in my post. Have a look

phil May 6, 2011 at 6:28 pm

Guest posting is hard work, but worth it in the long run

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