How To Become A Successful Blogspot Blogger

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This is a guest post by Felix Albutra who shares legitimate money making ideas and blogging tips on his blog

We can’t deny the fact that there are hundreds or even thousands of blogs are created each day. Most of this blogs are using blogspot platform because it’s free and have user-friendly feature interface.

What I noticed is that, only few of them have succeeded in their blogging career especially those who don’t use their own custom domain name, hosting their blog and the likes.

Some of the blogspot user felt inferiority from those bloggers who used wordpress. It is because wordpress have those great useful search engine friendly plugins and beautiful professional themes that made the blog stand and recognizable in the crowded blogosphere. Then, how to become a successful blogspot blogger?

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1. Use Professional Looking Template

They say that, first impression plays a great role in blogging industry. So using a good – looking template seems catchy to the eye of your readers. People love beautiful things and they tend to explore more about your blog. Sometimes, people might not notice that you are a blogspot user because of your professional templates.

There are many free professional templates out there that you can use in your blog. I recommend you to visit eblogtemplates because they have many professional blogger templates in their archive plus they have good tutorial lesson on how you install the template to your blog.

You can also do a request to some bloggers out there to convert wordpress themes to blogger format template.  I suggest bloganol dot com, because he has lots of experience on converting wordpress theme to blogger template.

2. Use Your Own Custom Domain Name

If you want your blog to be your business, using your own domain name is necessary to build your own brand. Many readers just ignore blogspot blogs because they think that your blog is not professional or something that they won’t trust it.

Using your own custom domain is easy to remember especially if you use short names for your blog. Google let blogspot users to use your own custom domain and they also have some offers plan for blogging business.

3. Do Basic Search Engine Optimization To Your Blog

Now that you already set up your blog, try to put some “meta tags” in your home page and in your post. You must also submit your blog url to different blog directories.

Creating a sitemap and submit it to search engine, this will make search engine crawlers easily find your blog’s content.

4. Publish Your Best And Unique Content To Your Blog

Useful information could stick your readers and tend to learn more from you. To become an authority in your niche, you must build the trust of your readers first through sharing your unique and valuable content in different style of sharing your information.

Controversial issue could also grab someone’s attention and tend to share their own opinions through their valuable comments.

5. Market Your Blog Post

No one knows that you publish great information on your blog.  So marketing your blog post is necessary to every blogger. You can invite other blogger to see and read your blog post and ask them to have their impression in your blog.

If you think that your content is the best for you, then build your confident to ask people in some social media networks like facebook to visit your blog. But make sure to do double checking from your blogging buddies and ask them if your post is good to be market.

6. Do A Guest Post To Other Blogs

Doing guest post is a good way to be recognized by other bloggers in your niche. It is also the best choice to build your links to gain good page rank and visibility to search engines.

Building relationship with other bloggers is also a good way to build your brand because if they found out that your blog and content is good, they will recommend you to their readers.

Take note, you must do guest post on other blogs with the same level as you or near level to your blog first before targeting class – A blogs.


Market, market, market… Keep on marketing your best blog post and try to drive more readers to your blog. Doing it consistently or do more, would rapidly increased your visibility to other people.

My Words…

I’ve seen a rare successful blogger out there that made its success even though he don’t use a custom domain on his blogspot blog. But I am very sure that because of his great efforts of publishing valuable content and keep on marketing his blog, he deserved it.

Who is he? Try to visit Alan Liew’s Money Maker Info blog where he shares how to make money online and in fact he is now on the #1 spot of the first page of Google SERPS for the popular keyword term “make money online”.

So my blogging advice for you is that, do your best and don’t be afraid to fail and start over again. Because from those failures; you gain a big advantage to success.

I am sure that many of you used blogspot as your blogging format. So what’s your experience in your blogspot blogging?

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Anuj July 3, 2011 at 6:19 pm

I agree to all of your points Felix, especially having an honest interest and dedication in blogging. For me, these two points keep us from moving on and pursuing our chosen career no matter what odds we come across with. A combination of your tips would definitely result to a successful blogger. Thanks for sharing!

Azib August 15, 2011 at 8:29 am

Thanks for this useful information to share with us.
I have a question. I have made a blog on blogspot about three months ago I have written almost 35 posts I also do social bookmarking and marketing of my blog. my blog has page rank2 but I don’t have as much traffic as I have expected. Is there anything you suggest? I am now loosing my hope to turn traffic to my blog.

Felix@Article Samurai Review August 15, 2011 at 5:58 pm

Hi Azib,

You know, getting traffic is not based on the number of Page Rank that your site has.

Though you got a good PR, you still need to do some other marketing techniques.

Did you use Google Analytics? If so, try to know where your traffic came from.

If most of your traffic came from social media, then continue that. But if you target the traffic came from Search Engine, then you must do a lot of natural backlinking on the keyword term that you are promoting.

Also make sure that the keyword you promote got a good amount of monthly search volume because if you promote a keyword that no one search on that term, your effort would be useless.

If anything I can help you, you can reply on this comment.

Thank you for your comment and I am happy that you benefited from my article.

– Felix

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