When Are You Ready For A Full-Time Blogging Career?

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This is a guest post by Anil Gupta from ScopeForMoney.

Everyone dreams of earning a steady and handsome amount of income online. All bloggers start out part-time and all full-time bloggers you see today are the people who once handled a day job as well in the initial days of their blogging career. But effective time management and determination saw them through the tough phase where they had to manage a job, blogging and personal life.

But becoming a full-time blogger is risky and you should be sure that you have the caliber in you to take your online income to great heights.

professional blogging

So when do you know that it is time to take your blogging career to a whole new level by becoming a professional blogger? This is a post that will discuss this question.

Stability Of Your Current Income

When it comes to making money online, there are no guarantees. To show the instability of online income you can take the example of moneymakerinfo.blogspot.com – this is an authoritative blog which enjoyed top ranking for “make money online” and other related keywords in Google for over four years. This had a Page rank of 5 and a great Alexa Rank. Then all of a sudden, this month Google Blogger has deleted his blog and with that goes all the hard work of years which he had put it (Although Alan was able to restore his blog from Blogger Team after some days).

This is one case which shows how risky and unstable the online world can be. So when you make the jump to a professional blogging career. You should have enough back-up cash or some other plan in place to buffer such a mishap.

Varying Income Every Month

One point which you must keep in mind when you blog full-time is that your income is never going to be constant. Your income will keep varying every month – although it can go up, there is also a high probability that your income goes down.

So you should also be okay with the high degree of uncertainty in income that you will face. However, you can obviously estimate the minimum money that you will be earning in one month – this way the varying income can be tackled.

Get Into The Role Of An Entrepreneur

Another important thing which you have within you while going full-time into blogging is waking the entrepreneur within you. If you are leaving your day job for making a full-time income online then you are basically an entrepreneur who is taking a great deal of risk. The point is that you must not have a closed thinking. You must expand your horizons and invest the money you earn.

There is no point going full-time and then simply sticking to the income that you earn from your blog. You will have a lot more time left even after blogging. So you can put the money you earn from blogs into investing in other ventures online. This way you will not be over-dependent on income for a single source. Moreover, the whole idea of leaving your day job to become a full-time blogger is so that you can nurture your online ventures so that you can earn many times more than you may be earning from the internet right now.

Benefits Of Full Time Blogging

The reason why working as a full-time bloggers is such an attractive option for many is that it allows you the freedom of a home based business. Working from home means that you have a flexible work timing, you can work at what time you feel like and enjoy leisure activities at your comfort – there is no hard and fast working time.

Apart from that you also get a lot of time to spend with your family and friends. Working online from home will also eliminate you stress and other health aspects. No more office politics, irregular schedules and piles of documents. These points make becoming a full-time blogger an amazing option for those who have achieved success as a part time blogger.

Seek Advice From Other Bloggers

You should remember that while working online from home means that you are responsible for yourself. There is no boss above you to ensure that the work gets done on time. You are your own boss and the success or failure of your decision will completely depend on you.

There are many part-time bloggers who have turned full time and it will help you to contact them for advice and suggestions on how their life has changed after becoming a full-time blogger. Ensure that your decision to become a full-time blogger is not air-headed.

Are You Taking The Right Decision, At The Right Time?

The biggest gamble you will take by going Full-time blogging is that if you take the leap too early and at a wrong time – then you can regret the decision for your whole life. This is one decision that you should take not simply based on your confidence level – but also weigh other factors carefully; you should also have an alternative planned out just in case your decision fails to work out.

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Lee Ka Hoong May 11, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Moving to become a full time blogger is definitely good as we can work ourselves, but there are some disadvantage of a full time blogging too. If you’re a full time blogger, then definitely you will be lack of time in hanging around with your friends in real life. Also, you have to handle everything yourself. Of course, there are many advantages too.

In my case, I’m not afford to be a full time blogger yet because I need the salary from my day job to cover my school fees as I have yet to achieve the goal of getting constant earning from online. Perhaps that would be my goal in future. 🙂

.-= Lee Ka Hoong@Blogger Theme´s last blog ..400 High Quality Photoshop Grunge Brushes =-.

Anil Gupta May 11, 2010 at 6:42 pm

I’m still struggling to make the amount of money from my blogging efforts as I’m getting from my day job. Once I start getting more money compared with my job from my blogs on regular basis, I would quit my day job and switch to full time blogging.
.-= Anil Gupta´s last blog ..How to speed up your wordpress blog (Load time) =-.

Jorgen Sundberg May 11, 2010 at 9:00 pm

I say Crush It like Gary Vee and see what happens. As long as you can pay your rent and have beans on toast, you’re alright!
.-= Jorgen Sundberg´s last blog ..How to Get More LinkedIn Recommendations =-.

Vivek Krishnan May 19, 2010 at 11:35 pm

Thanks for sharing this with us! Very inspiring and informative for bloggers who want to go full-time.
.-= Vivek Krishnan´s last blog ..10 Inspiring Interviews With Internet Entrepreneurs =-.

Usama October 1, 2010 at 4:41 am

Seeking advice with other bloggers is a sound advice. Not only can you interact about tips and help but you can build a relationship which comes handy after time.

Yrag January 27, 2011 at 12:45 pm

Google Blogger deleting the ‘make money online’ blog is a shocker and a real warning to anyone using free hosting / free blogging sites. From PR 5 to non-existent must have been quite upsetting.
Surely it’s better to keep everything in your own control – pay for decent hosting and domain that you own, then full control of the site is in your own hands. It’s easy enough to use a platform like Wordpress on your own independent hosting.
It’s good that they managed to recover the sitre and keep things going, bu that is a big warning – I’d be looking at trying to migrate. If you’re dependent on the income from the blog, too much is at stake to leave anything to chance.

Timo Kiander February 1, 2011 at 12:07 am

Yes, this was a great post about the different side of full-time blogging. However, I still believe that for anyone willing to take smart massive action, being consistent and persistent, becoming a full-time is possible.

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