Why I Must Join Your Blogging Contest!

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This is a guest post by Felix Albutra who gives blogging advice at his blog RealBloggingAdvice.

Haha! What an aggressive title on this post. I just want to awaken your tired and sleepy mind.  But anyway it doesn’t bother about the lesson we are going to take about. Now let’s get started.

You know as a blogger, we knew that there are many ways to make money online from our blog. And I guess, that you already knew how to market your blog and build your authority in the crowded blogosphere.

But just in case that you don’t know yet, asking some blogging advice from experienced blogger is a good choice to do. Then why I must join blogging contest? That question seems to be answered if you read the whole post.

This time, I want to share to you the benefits of joining blogging contest in both making money online and blog marketing aspects.

1. How Does Joining A Blogging Contest Make Money?

It’s pretty obvious that we expect of a prize in joining contest. But it depends upon the host of what kind of prizes he will give away to the winners. But right now our main goal is to make money online from joining this blogging contest (whether it is a commenting contest or guest posting contest) .

contest winners

Winning a prize, whether it is an item or cash helps a lot to the bloggers. Because the cash you won can sustain your blogging needs like paying your bills of web hosting provider or domain name subscription. You can also use the money for your own personal needs. You know your needs already. LOL!

Now, here are some tips how to win cash/items in joining blogging contests:

  • Find blogs that host a blogging contest where his/her prize is cash or items that benefits your blog.
  • Know the niche topic being covered on the said blogging contest host.
  • Give your very best in order to win the contest.
  • Don’t be so aggressive and be patient of doing the contest’s activities.
  • Join as many blogging contests as you can.
  • Follow the rules and regulation of the contest.

I also did this kind of strategy in making money online. In fact I earned my first $10 and 1 month banner advertising privilege from joining commenting contests (at techzoomin and smartbloggerz).

Enough telling you my experiences and let’s proceed to the next topic. LOL!

2. How Blogging Contest Promotes Your Blog?

Like many other new bloggers or even experienced one, do blog marketing to gather more traffic to their blogs. There are also many ways to do this blog promotion, but joining a blogging contest is I think the 2nd of the best options in doing blog promotion or SEO.

Why? It’s because in joining the blogging contest, you build your community, interacting to other bloggers. And some commentators or participants might ask you questions regarding the topic you are in and this is a good chance for you to prove to them that you are good of such thing. So, you already build your authority.

Participating in blogging contests could also boost your search engine rankings, because you are the one who build those quality back links to your blog. It is a great chance to promote your best desired keywords for the benefit of your blog.

Tips on choosing blogging contest hosts:

  • Pick those blogs that are related to your niche.
  • Choose those blogs that have near or same level as your blog’s current status.
  • Choose that blog having higher page rank than yours.

My words…

Upon joining the contest, be active participants as you can and answer questions from commentators. Also be friendly and open – minded to other participants.

You see… this option is a good choice for us bloggers, especially for those newbies out there that really want to make money from their blog. Then what are you waiting for? Take an action now!

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Kiesha May 28, 2010 at 6:32 am

I couldn’t agree more!! But the benefits of joining a blogging contest go beyond simply winning. The networking opportunities are endless. You never know exactly who’s reading and who might be impressed by your writing style. Guest posting did wonders for me – it opened some doors that I would never have been able to open on my own.
.-= Kiesha @ We Blog Better´s last blog ..Are you missing out on the main attraction of life? =-.

naki June 12, 2010 at 8:11 am

I just notice, contest bring more than prize. I’m not participating in many contest because my busy activity as a freelance writer, moderator in one design forum, and i manage some blog. But if i have free time, of course joining a contest is an interesting activities. Thanks for the great article, its open my eyes to join more contest and get benefit from it.

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