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This is a guest post by CJ who is a full-time blogger and you can read his blog at AffiliateGroundz.

Now, when when i say “places”, I most definitely could have been a little more specific. Because the 10 places you need to visit before you die have nothing to with traveling! I’m talking about places on the internet! I’ve put together a list of 10 places you absolutely must visit if you want to make money online.

See, a lot of people are caught up on the lie that they need to spend money in order to make money. Well that’s just not true at all. I’m going to to list a combination of tools, blogs, and other resources that I use to make money on the internet. And oh yeah, when I say you need to visit these 10 places before you die, I mean, you need to visit these 10 places before the end of the week. They’re all free, so there’s nothing to lose!

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My List Of Places You Need To Check Out

1. Audience Analysis

Quantcast.com – Quantcast is an audience analysis tool that’s incredibly useful for anyone trying to promote anything. I use Quancast on a regular basis before I even think about creating a campaign for a product I want to promote. With Quantcast, you can save the time it takes to try and figure out your audience and learn your audience’s demographics with the click of a button! Quancast is a must for any affiliate marketer.

2. Ebook Creation

PrimoPDF.com – Ever wanted to create an Ebook but didn’t want to spend the money for an Ebook creator. Well here’s the thing, creating an Ebook doesn’t have to cost you a dime. PrimoPDF let’s you create an Ebook straight from a microsoft word document. If you’ve wanted to create an Ebok for a while but just never had the tools, now you’ve got what you need.

3. Screen Capture

Jing.com – A great way to promote your website is to make your own videos where you teach people how you do things. The best part is that you can do this all straight from your home computer, don’t have to spend a dime, and don’t need a camera. Jing screen capture is an awesome resource.

4. Blogging Tips

RobsWebTips.com – RobsWebTips is run by a teenage blogger named Rob Rammuny. Before checking out RobsWebTips, I was already making a lot of money as an affiliate marketer, but had no idea where to begin when it came to the secrets of running a successful blog. Well within the past couple of weeks, I’ve learned more about blogging than I’ve learned in the past few months. RobsWebTips.com is definitely a favorite in my book.

5. Niche Finding

DMOZ.org – Making money on the internet has become really popular really quickly and lately it’s become even harder to find a niche that isn’t overpopulated. When I run into the problem of not being able to come up with a niche myself, I go to the DMOZ directory and just browse. With all the topics it has to offer, it’s hard not to find a new niche by the end of your visit.

6. Social Bookmarking

SocialMarker.com – I don’t have to sit here and explain what Social bookmarking is, but something we can all agree on is the fact that social bookmarking can be extremely tedious. Social Marker lets you submit your link to all of the social bookmarking sites at once. What a time saver!

7. Web Stats

GoogleAnalytics.com – Google Analytics plays a huge roll in the success of all of my sites. A lot of people run their online businesses having no idea how many visitors they’re getting, which pages the visitors are stopping by and statistics of the sort. Google Analytics takes minutes to install, and can make the difference between an average website and a profitable one.

8. Keyword Tool

SemRush.com – The Google keywords tool is awesome, but SemRush offers a few more features. With SemRush, you get to see details like what page of Google your landing page is on, keywords bringing traffic to that page, and much more. SemRush has to be my favorite keyword tool by far.

9. Flickr

Flickr.com – The fact is that people love pictures. If they see a huge chunk of text and no pictures anywhere, they’re most likely going to leave the page. That’s why I love Flickr. With Flickr you have access to millions of high quality images. Be sure to start using Flickr on a regular basis and add pictures to your content.

10. Forum

WarriorForum.com – WarriorForum is definitely my favorite forum on the internet. Believe it or not, you can learn most of the information you’ll find in all of those Ebooks out there that you have to pay for at WarriorForum.com. Check out some of the posts at WarriorForum for yourself. There’s a lot of great content.

My Last Words

That’s all I’ve got for you guys today! I’m telling you, you guys need to check out these sites. They’re all free and all they can do is help you out. The least you can do for yourselves is check them out. If you don’t see yourselves using anything they have to offer then it is what it is, but hopefully this info helped. Good luck!

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akira07 June 13, 2010 at 2:07 pm

I’m agree warrior forum is the best. But the e-book in warrior forum market is quite expensive. Moreoever, i need to pay to sell e-book, right? (CMIIW). My second forum choice to ask about webmaster is DP.

Your list is just same with me, but for blogging tips, smartbloggerz is still no.1 for me 🙂

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