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The stay-at-home mother of the 1950s is no longer an accurate picture of the self-styled businesswoman of today. The modern housewife is capable of running a corporation out of her kitchen with a nursing baby in one arm and a toddler attached to her leg.

It takes a certain skill set undoubtedly unique to the beleaguered domestic engineer. The new era of cyber-technology and social networking has given the modern stay-at-home a social and business vantage never before dreamed possible for this traditionally overlooked market base.

Women of yesteryear would gather around the rotary dial telephone and gab about the goings on of the neighborhood. Welcome to the age of social networking, when the modern mom has gone from party-line gab queen to social networking entrepreneur. Women have figured out how to take one of their favorite hobbies – talking, and turn it into a profit. Leave it to a woman to turn pleasure into profit.

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Social networking sites such as CafeMom and Circle of Moms provide a much-needed social outlet for women who lack social interaction. They are more of a social than business platform. While members can and do find ways to advertise themselves and their businesses, the two most recognized original social networking and social monitoring sites for moms are mostly for entertainment, and for showing off the kids.

Of course there are serious topics such as medical discussions on the best ways to treat fevers and bumps and bruises. There are all kinds of different forums and channels for stain removal, getting gum out of hair and the latest must-have CD for the carpool lane.

For the more profit-minded women of today, there are sites such as, and While the foundation of these social networks is to provide platforms for moms from around the world to meet and share stories, ideas and advice, these three sites function more on the level of entrepreneurship, should a woman be so inclined.

Most of the world is now familiar with Twitter and it’s apparent endless bounty of ways to profit (think McDonald’s or any other internationally recognized brand, which are all on Twitter, along with most of the rest of the forward-thinking corporations out there).

One of the most recent sparks of genius to come from the internet arena is the idea of having mothers sell products on consignment, otherwise known as affiliate marketing. There are several premises and methods for accomplishing this.

There are companies who will pay stay-at-home moms to try their products and review them on their blog, as well as advertise their products on the blogs. Then there are blogs owned by mothers who have so many readers they are actually approached by corporations and asked to advertise on the blog.

Social networking is the communications medium of the future, and whilst they may do it their own way, moms are rarely far behind when it comes to technology. In fact, the mom squad has long been perceived by many in the advertising industry as a largely underrated and underexploited target market.

With this being the case, the likelihood is stay-at-home moms will continue to delve deeper into the realm of cyber-marketing, and will develop a recognized, respected niche group.

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Garry June 29, 2010 at 6:02 pm

I agree with Andrew, but also Moms have this desire to stay in contact with their children. Joining facebook, twitter, etc allows them to stay in contact, well as long as their kids don’t block them.

Kervin Vergara July 4, 2010 at 11:29 am

Very nice reflection and argument of this article. I, particularly, I’ve made a blog to my mom (, dedicated to education, is in Spanish, because I’m from Venezuela) and she feels very comfortable developing quality content targeted to express and share their experiences. It is nice to see how receptive the public. Thanks for this article. Greetings!

Usama September 30, 2010 at 9:19 pm

Moms, these days should realize the importance, significance and power of the internet and try to earn money by it and not by 2 part-time pain-staking jobs.

Rodger January 15, 2011 at 1:42 am

It is a great way for moms to build friends and make money. More and more families have single moms, and anyway she can find to be a mother (most important job in the world, by the way) and make money while doing something she loves: BRAVO!!!

Roni April 18, 2011 at 12:46 pm

It is really great way that the moms who can handle family as well as making money. It is most important jobs in overall world. Social Networking sites are very important for moms because she can do online business from home through it.

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