The Effectiveness Of Contest To Promote Your Blog

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This is a guest post by Akira who loves earning money online and dreams to be a successful Internet Marketer.

Blog promotion can be done by mean of paid promotion or free promotion. Example of free promotion includes guest blogging and blog walking. Meanwhile, paid promotion can be done by direct advertising, pay per click  etc. But, there is an effective way of blog promotion that only a few blogger know about it or try to do. The promotion technique is called contest.

Contest is an activity where you provide an award to the lucky participant who did what you ordered. We cannot put contest in either paid promotion or free promotion category since the prize of the contest might be sourced from our own pocket or from sponsors. But instead of discussing it here, I would like to discuss the effectiveness of contest to promote your blog.

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The Power of Contest

The effectiveness of contest depends on the purpose of the promotion. Are you promoting to move your Google page-rank up, to multiply the amount of comments, to increase the total number of incoming visitors, or to look for a word of mouth promotion for your website. Thus, selecting the type of a contest is very important. Before we talk about how to create a good contest, let’s take a look at illustration below:

Example of Contest

The above illustration is an example of one of contest information organized by a blog about movie review. What can you conclude from the above illustration? The contest in that blog is organized for the purpose to produce word of mouth of that blog. The result is very effective. The indicator of the result is the total of 715 incoming comments.

Ok, if you have not understood, I will try to explain utilizing the above example. In the illustration we can see that the total number of incoming comments is 715 comments.

Do you know that the article is a contest where the participant has a chance to win Apple iPad 64GB with a condition that they have to create tweets or facebook share about that blog. Let’s say that not all of the incoming comments come from people who are interested to participate, so let’s take only 20%.

We can imagine that with a contest, this blog has got 20% x 715 = 143 tweets or facebook share directed to that blog. At the end, certainly it will affect the popularity of our blog or even increase the rank in terms of Google Pagerank. I call it as “The Power Of Contest.”

Will Every Contest Achieve Its Purpose?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. I frequently see forum posting contests or blog promotion contests with very few participants. It is because of the lack of knowledge in creating a good contest. Below are some brief and secret tips so that any contest you arrange will successfully achieve its purpose…


Brief And Confidential Tips To Create Successful Contest

1. Select A Type Of Contest That Suits Your Promotion Purpose

The above illustration is an example of a blog who creates a contest with an intention to get word of mouth for that blog. Contest of tweeting and facebook share is the right choice to incredible viral marketing. When Smartbloggerz hold Commenting Contest, the incoming comments to this blog was in the amount of thousands. Therefore, selection of the contest type is very important.

2. Offer Attractive Prizes

The bigger and more the prize offered, the more people would get enthusiastic to participate in your contest. The prize offered should not always come from you. You can find a sponsor who is willing to provide the winning prize for the contest concluded in your blog or forum, of course by returning a benefit to that sponsor, such as by providing sponsorship credits etc.

FIRST SECRET: Contest with a cash reward is more appealing than other type of reward.

3. Promote Your Contest At The Right Spot

Promoting your contest is crucial to let a lot of people know about the contest, so that they are interested to participate. Promoting a contest in other blog or forum that has few visitors is a waste of time. Promote in a forum that has a lot of member or other blog that is having a lot of visitors.

SECOND SECRET: Do you know that on the internet, there are some people who actively participate in online contests? I call them “Treasure Hunter”. Typically they have a specific blog that publishes information about contests in the internet. You can contact them, and they will gladly publish the information about your contest in their blog.

4. Completeness Of Information About Your Contest

Ensure that all the information about your contest is complete. People will get less enthusiastic if the information about your contest is not clear. What I mean by information is: how to participate, the prizes offered, the deadline of contest, when and how the contest winner will be announced. By providing this information completely, people will think that you are serious in executing the contest.

Last Words…

By adhering to the above-mentioned tips and secrets, I am sure that your contest will be an effective one and will achieve its purpose. I have seen a blog that organized a promotion contest. That blog had a page rank of 0. But, after the contest ended and Google updated its Page Rank; that blog got a Page Rank of 2. It is incredible, isn’t it? Hence, promote your blog through contest in an effective using the tips mentioned in this post.

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Usama September 30, 2010 at 11:57 pm

Managing a contest is a brilliant and creative idea. Anything to attract readers is brilliant and this is it.

akira07 October 2, 2010 at 10:14 am

I’m in planning to make e-book about contest as media of promotion but i have a dilemma because i think this techniques is too worth 😛

Tapes May 14, 2011 at 10:42 pm

Contest are a great way to engage your customer and build a relationship with your fans. We currently run a monthly contest for free canvas art and have had a great response. Our contest is based on a point system, the more points a user earns the greater their chance of winning. To learn more about our contest visit our wall art contest here:

Tom September 26, 2011 at 11:24 pm

I have been thinking of doing a contest for months now but I’m not sure of the best way to promote it. I think I want to wait until I can get enough money saved up to do a good ad on social network sites but you sure make it tempting to just do it and see how it goes without the expensive ads.

Katharyn November 6, 2011 at 6:55 pm

you’re right, we recently made a contest with a free ipad giveaway and that really increased our impressions!

Steve November 15, 2011 at 3:00 am

Great article. Contest and giveaways can be very effective if done correctly. If you need help with some spots to promote your contest, check out the sites I listed here

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