The Winners For Guest Blogging Gone Crazy Contest Are…

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And the winners are…WAIT! I won’t tell you that at the beginning. How you could even think that! Huh? 😀

Well the counting is over and today, I’m going to disclose who the winners are, for the “Guest Blogging Gone Crazy” contest which actually went crazy. 😯

Nearly 23 guest authors participated in this contest and contributed 40 articles for this blog. That’s really some great results in the first season of this contest.

So, Thanks to all the guest authors who participated in this contest. Also thanks to the sponsors of this contest for making these guest authors go crazy in this contest. 😀

Well the points calculation was pretty easy. The only problem was with the retweet counts and some doubts regarding some comments in the posts. But no worries, I have tried to provide as accurate results as possible.

And the winners are…Hey! Not now again.. 😀 Keep reading…

Please read the official post to know how the points are awarded with an example.

The decisions taken at the end are final and it can’t be changed. The tweets were validated with the help of tweetmeme and topsy service and in some posts, I personally calculated the reweets as it was showing wrong counts.

And So, The Winners are…

drum roll please…

thanks for waiting so long…

please continue the drum roll…

the guest authors wrote their best articles and today they will be awarded for it…

why did you stopped the drum roll?…please continue it, I will pay later :D…

The results are interesting…Very interesting…

The Winners For Guest Blogging Gone Crazy Contest ARE…

1st Prize Winner

Author : Devesh

Devesh is a Young Entrepreneur & author of Make Money Online Blog. He is the 1st prize winner for this contest with a total of 68.7 points. He contributed 2 posts for this contest and of which his article “SEO – 20+ Quick ways To Build Backlinks” went crazy and made him win this contest.

2nd Prize Winner

Author : Tushar

Tushar writes at BloggersPassion, the blog for all blogging tips from the bucket of his real experiences that can make you become a better blogger. He is the 2nd prize winner for this contest with a total of 63.6 points. He contributed a whooping 8 posts for this contest and of which his article “Commenting Or Guest Blogging – What Is Your Way Of Promoting?” went crazy and made him win this contest.

3rd Prize Winner

Author : Melissa

Melissa Tamura is a female write who recently wrote about weird scholarships for the Zen College Life directory of online degrees.She is the 3rs prize winner for this contest with a total of 58.2 points. She contributed 1 post for this contest which was “10 Ways To Get More Readers To Your Blog” and it made her win this contest.

Here is the  evaluation table of all the guest authors. Please click on the image to view an enlarged size of the image.


I hope you enjoyed participating in the contest and I also hope that the readers would have enjoyed reading these superb guest post.

I will contact the winners tomorrow on how to claim your prizes. So please wait for my email to arrive.

If you have any question then kindly mail me using the contact form.

The new season of this contest will be back again which will be more bigger and better. So keep reading SmartBloggerz :-/)

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mk akan June 23, 2010 at 9:32 pm

congrats to every one …it was nice to be part of the competition

Asad June 24, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Congrats to Devesh,Tushar and Melissa 🙂 .Other Guest authors should not loose hope.Better luck next time.

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