How To Create A Superb Autoresponder Course To Cash In From Your Subscribers!

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This is a guest post by iYingHang who blogs at his superb technologies blog Shastera Dot Com and today is telling us about creating a superb autoresponder course.

Offering e-Courses like Mr. John Chow is an easy and superb way to build relationships with your blog readers. As we all know, creating an autoresponder course is not a big deal at all. Well, somebody said that it just sounds too good to be true so I am going to prove them wrong.

Basically, a killer autoresponder course is not difficult to create and it can be summarized into only 5 easy peasy steps!

Autoresponder Course

#1 – Choose A Subject

The very first easy step in creating a superb autoresponder course is to decide the subject and niche of your course. You don’t send vegetarians emails about “how great the new McDonald’s McChicken is”. They just won’t buy it. You should also target a subject, which you have knowledge in, not just some stupid niche, which you aren’t really sure about. For example, before blogging at my technologies blog Shastera, I was clueless about which niche I should start blogging in and in the end I thought that why not technologies since I am such an avid Apple fan?

#2 – Create A Subtopic

Niche and subject choosing is the first step whereas next you need to create is a list of subtopics. One lesson will be represented in each sub-topic and if you have 5 sub-topics, it can be offered to your subscribers as a free 5-day course.

#3 – Dividing Your Lessons

Now that you’ve your list of sub-topics ready; the next step is to separate each of the sub-topics into course lessons. In the first lesson, do not offer any sub-topics to be taught but instead you should introduce the whole lesson and most importantly yourself to them.

#4 – Providing Valuable Content

One of the most important factors in deciding the success of your autoresponder course is to provide good, valuable and informative content which is relevant to the niche of your subscribers.

You see, sometimes, people says branding is much more decisive in marketing but what I can tell you is that if Coca Cola starts producing Coke which smells like polluted water, they won’t go any further and Pepsi will overtake them.

By giving out lousy content, what I can tell you is to expect multiple readers unsubscribing from your list.

#5- Setting Up Your Autoresponder Course

Now that you’ve prepared your course, what you need to do is to transfer your text into your autoresponder. There are a lot of autoresponders out there and it is quite a hassle to make a good choice. I recommend you to try out two which I think are the best, “Aweber” and “Mail Chimp”. They are the best autoresponder service out there and many popular probloggers like John Chow and Dareen Rowse are using them.

After getting everything working, you will need to place a javascript code on your site to capture email addresses. Offering free autoresponder course to your clients, visitors and readers is very important as you are giving out value which they will certainly appreciate. This method of free advertising surely will increase your sales.

If you are into online list building and looking to start an autoresponder course after reading this article then do read our guest post “Online List Building: IMMEDIATE Download Or 7-Day E-Course?” that compares whether you should start an autoresponder course or not.

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Murlu July 14, 2010 at 5:38 am

Don’t forget thought – it often depends on the type of readership you have.

Some people just want the information up front while others don’t mind if it’s spaced out. With easy tools to conduct surveys I would ask a select group of people what their thoughts on the matter are then figure out what length would work best.

Herman September 23, 2010 at 7:27 pm

If I place myself in my customers shoes I’d have to say “do both”….instant download and ecourse. Sometimes I want the free report so I can read it immediately or later on (if I can find it again on my hard drive)


ecourse because I am overwhelmed with information already and prefer a bite-sized chunk of information each day or every 2 days…so long as it’s quality info otherwise I’m out of there.

A short report delivered weekly would also be cool so I have time to implement the material.

The bottom line is “quality content” otherwise you’re not going to keep my attention.

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