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Importing and reselling products from China is a lucrative entrepreneurial option that can have you making huge profits in no time.

Success, however, is by no means guaranteed, and making the right decisions makes all the difference. One way to increase your chance of business success is to ensure that you don’t buy products already branded with a company’s label. Usually, these products are counterfeit. Instead, buy unlabeled products and brand your own products that you import from China with your unique company design.

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Buying No-Brand Goods

The first step when finding goods to brand is to find a manufacturer that offers products that are not separately affiliated with another brand. This can often be difficult because retail companies will commission Chinese manufacturers to create their product designs. For example, you won’t find a wholesaler for non-Apple affiliated Ipods, because Apple designed and patented the product.

The fact that companies commission Chinese manufacturers to build the goods they design also explains why importing brand-name merchandise from China will usually result in you receiving counterfeit merchandise. In owning the design and patent to their products, companies that commission Chinese manufacturers will reserve the exclusive retail right to the goods that are produced. Chinese manufacturers usually won’t be allowed to produce more of a product than is commissioned.

Products that aren’t affiliated with a big name company will usually be designed and manufactured in China for the explicit purpose of sale to those who will brand them separately. The designs for these products come from a variety of sources, ranging from independently contracted designers to the product manufacturers themselves.

A lot of the time, these products will be variations on products manufactured for other brands that don’t violate any patent laws. Brandless products are not too difficult to find using regular methods of locating companies for Chinese import. The better quality of no name product you obtain, the greater your business success will be.

Branding Your Own Products From China

After you obtain no-name products, the next step is to find a way to brand them with your unique symbol. First, you have to decide what your product brand will be. To make branding your own products from China successful, this symbol should be both homogeneous throughout your product line and professional looking. If the financial resources are available to you, hiring a graphic artist or designer to create your unique logo is the best option in finding a good logo.

Finding a company to put your brand on your product line is the last step to branding your own products from China. It is also the easiest step. Most major United States cities contain a multitude of logo businesses, all of which would be happy to be commissioned to brand your products. These types of businesses also exist in China, and they may save you money. However, this business will be much more difficult to communicate with. Also, Chinese branding companies carry a significantly higher risk of getting scammed.

Branding your own products from China is a good way to import products from China without commissioning Chinese manufacturers to build your product design. It also decreases the chances of getting scammed. By finding no-name products, creating a logo and finding a logo company, you’ll be well on your well to a successful importing business.

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Larry January 6, 2011 at 2:41 pm

I wouldn’t trust buying from China unless I had someone I trusted on the ground over there.

Oera January 24, 2011 at 5:24 pm

That’s an interesting suggestion. However, durability of the product might be tested within days of usage.

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