Are You A Blogging Scammer?

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This is a guest post by Peter from Ideas Bubble raising a question: Are You A Blogging Scammer?.

We’ve gotten used to all those scam emails that come into our inbox every single day trying to sell us horrible products that are way to good to be true.

Aside from all those rubbish products, the same is actually quite true for blogging. Are you a blogging scammer?

Writing blog posts that you say will change others as bloggers. Those amazing topics and discussions that sound so good and important, and yet have nothing and do absolutely nothing at all.

Blogging is about standing up to an expectation that is of true quality and writing something that might be of value to someone. What about you? Do you write rubbish content that no one can actually do anything useful with.

People, especially bloggers and internet marketers are constantly trying to sell you their secret success tips that are not completely true. They try and tell you how to make a million dollars from affiliate marketing. The truth is, most of these are scams and the people who are publishing them probably have never actually made a single cent from their blogs and are hoping that through fooling you they will make some money. This is their million dollar secret, Scamming.

Scamming Won’t Get You Anywhere…

Scamming (in the blogging sense) actually achieves nothing and if you want to build up a readership of people who actually care about your blog then you need to avoid this disaster as it will not get you anywhere. All the successful and rich bloggers used conventional and proper means to attract readers. But you will never reach this stage if your blog is a scam.

Here are some tips towards finding out whether you are on the right path towards successful blogging or just another try hard attempt at making yourself something worthwhile out there in the blogosphere.

1. Trash The Poor Quality Promos:

A great way to attract readers towards subscribing to your email newsletter is to provide a free, pulled together eBook in 2 minutes  which is supposedly meant to deliver big on something but when they read it does absolutely nothing for them and wasn’t even worth providing the email.

Then are the big end eBooks scams that serve the purpose of luring people in. They have no intention of doing anything, just getting a few extra mailing list subscribers. Do you honestly think that bloggers are dead set on helping people by giving away their eBooks, No, they have ulterior motives. If they truly where then they would give away what they write for free, without asking for an email or a subscription.

2. Write Only Of The Best:

The best way to write the best quality content is to avoid writing so frequently. Absolutely no one is that active in their minds to be able to write blog posts daily that are of good quality but also timeless.

Reducing posting means you can focus on writing better content that is actually worth reading. Instead of writing and publishing once you are done, reducing how often you post down by one extra day means that you can spend that time working on improving that post. In the long run, you will always end up with something better.

3. Only Write To The Same Level As Yourself:

So many people think that they are experts in their field. And then you get the scammers who try and show off as though they know so many skills, the people who try to teach you how to make a million dollars through blogging.

The best way to look professional and avoid looking like a scammer is to live up only to what you know yourself at. This means, don’t try to tell people how to make a million dollars through Google Adsense if you’ve only made few hundreds dollars. People think they know how to teach you to be rich when they have no skill at it themselves because they are not even rich. Don’t tell people straight lies and you wont look like an absolute scammer through your blog.


The best way to make yourself look like a professional blogger that readers can actually trust is to avoid doing poor quality blogging jobs that are so obviously rubbish.

All the emails and scams we get in our daily lives have taught us to pick out what is quality and not.

If you are a blogging scammer you will fit into the no quality area and never succeed at blogging.

The more you focus on providing something worthwhile, the further you will go in the long run.

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Usama September 28, 2010 at 5:34 pm

Hate scammers. But what can you do. Just like there are frauds and thieves in the real world, scammers are them in the internet world. Although love your article.

anthonynlee February 13, 2011 at 11:32 am

Wow. So, normally I scour the Twitter feed consuming all manner of fantastic posts. Not that this wasnt well written, but its the first one I strongly disagree with enough to write a comment about it.
First off, I do agree with your points on not spamming blog posts, but enticing people with an offer of an ebook or report in exchange for an email is not a scam….its called commerce.
True, the people on your list will Ideally be monetized at some point, but only through welcome offers. Furthermore, if you wish to continue to receive the content you so enjoy and appreciate, you should want your Blogger to make a living. I have a free report I offer, but I also save my BEST material for my newsletter subscribers.
Next, your comment about writing less because nobody consistently creates outstanding material that writes everyday, I take issue with. Though you are a Blogger, clearly you haven’t studied much on the subject of copywriting. The best writers I know are profound, and write daily.
Lastly selling to your level. Yes, I will agree that you shouldn’t make false or misleading claims, but you don’t have to have already harvested a million dollar crop if you know you’ve planted it. What I mean is, how many Olympic coaches do you know that were also Olympic athletes?
You don’t have to have reached the top yet to teach people what you’ve learned about how to get there. Yea it helps…..but I personally have a friend who is absolutely an expert in the field of network marketing, even though he hasn’t made any serious money with it.
Just sayin…….

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