If You Don’t Have These Skills, You Won’t Become Successful Online!

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Writing about how to be successful online, this is a guest post by Felix Albutra who is now Blogging for Profit. Check out his blog for more great and useful information.

People who already have the skills on the field they wanted are most likely become successful. Or maybe you will become successful if you immediately figure out your potentials in your field.

What if the case is different from what you are expecting?

If you are a blogger that only have the skill to write, then you won’t become successful online. Huh! Why?

Here comes the situation. What if, you are about to launch your own product or implementing a case study, then your computer shuts down.

What if you are creating your new post and you want to add an image to your article, but don’t know how?

What if you want to tweak your blog design but you can’t? And you most likely don’t want to spend money for hiring other people doing what you want.

Those questions above are most newbie and novice bloggers are complaining. The bad thing is that, if they feel they can’t fulfill the tasks, they just gonna want to quit.

So before or upon starting a blog, you should learn at least 5 of these skills:

1. Technical Computer Skill

What I mean by this is that, the skills to troubleshoot or to fix at least minor errors in your computer. Because this thing is sometimes embarrassing, when you ask for help from a computer technician where there the only problem was a small touch of the wiring of your router. Of course, you need to pay the technician’s minimum charge.

To have this skill, you don’t need to go to school to study there and wait years until you get graduated. But all you have to do is to find useful information on the internet and try to digest them that would serve you as your stock knowledge.

Why don’t you visit this great site? – ComputerHope.com

2. HTML Coding

Of course you want to have a cool blog template. So, you downloaded and installed one of the free templates available online. But you were surprised when you don’t meet the expected output. What should you do? Are you gonna call a friend for help?

Learning html codes is somewhat fun and easy. You may feel anxiousness upon starting to learn but don’t get discourage, because from time to time, you can connect on what those information are teaching you.

Why not start learning today? – W3schools.com

3. Image Editing

Image editing is somewhat very fun and time consuming. But this skill is really very helpful in your blogging career as you want to add some flavor to your blog post through adding related images to your blog.

The problem is that, you don’t know how. Then you should start learning now. Try this website then watch and learn. – PhotoshopStar.com

If you want to see some tutorials through live actions, you can watch those free videos on YouTube.

4. Observation Skills

Well, you love to do blog hopping and post comments on some great blogs to make connections to the host of the blog. Sometimes you feel jealous how and what these guys are doing to become successful in their career.

Now, your skills of observation take place. Try to take a closer look to those articles on blog that you frequently read. If you find nothing, try to read it again till you noticed something.

Those skills are what successful bloggers and entrepreneurs have. Feel the presence of the information. Not just reading and implementing those things that are being taught to you without thinking or observing if you can do it.

Why not copy their styles and learn what you’ve experience?

You can learn here – CopyBlogger.com

5. Psychological Skills

I entered a coaching program because the person whom I refer to the program hired me to do it for him. I was surprise that he talk about psychological aspect of internet marketing.

This topic is rear and since I blog for almost two years, I haven’t encounter someone who have shared this aspect.

Knowing what the feelings of your readers are is a great advantage of a certain online marketer. Because he can determine that his client would likely to buy the product he promoted.

Why not try to learn from this guy? – ZacJohnson.com and read his ebook.

In The End…

If you have those skills above, you can stand what it takes in your blogging journey.

But in my side, I am glad that I manage to learn those html codings, computer troubleshooting and image editing before I learn about blogging. I am still coping up the knowledge and skill of being a real internet marketer. Thanks to all my great mentors and friends who had help me all the time.

I hope this post really benefited you and if you have something you can share, please share it in the comment below.

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Usama September 28, 2010 at 5:31 pm

Agreed on every skill. You can add a bonus point to yourself if you have them. And never be afraid to learn more. You are doing your blog a favor by that.

James May June 3, 2011 at 1:05 pm

True, someone running a site requires a lot of skills. Other than offering just the content there are other areas too like the technical side, working on the images, etc, as you’ve mentioned. I’m also a firm believer in human psychology, as bloggers it’s interesting to know something about the psychology of the readers.

Felix Albutra June 4, 2011 at 1:49 pm

Hi James,

Thanks for the comment and I am glad that you benefited from my article being shared here.

– Felix

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