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Writing Original content for your blog is important nowadays. You can’t rehash the same old stuff from other blogs. This is a guest post by Tim Handorf, who writes on the topics of online colleges and is sharing with us today Tips On How to Write Original Blogs.

Part of maintaining a successful blog means writing fresh, original content on a regular basis. Just think about the blogs you follow regularly, and ask yourself why you follow that particular blog rather than other blogs of the same genre.

Chances are the reason you follow certain blogs is because something about the blogger’s unique style of writing appeals to you — it stands out from the crowd.

So why is it that many blogs you see these days only copy the ideas of another blogger?

One of the worst offenses in the blogging world is bloggers who make a regular habit of linking back to another blog, regurgitating what someone else’s blog already said, and calling it a day.

In my experience, blogs that claim to report on celebrity life are the worst culprits when it comes to copycat blogging.

While it is at times useful to re-route readers to a well-written point by another blogger, this should be the exception and not the rule.

Here we will explore some tips for writing original blog posts:

• Recognize When a Certain Topic is Overdone

When you are throwing around a blog idea in your head, do a little Google search and see how much has already been written about the topic.

If you see endless blogs exploring that same topic, choose a different idea or find a new slant on your original idea. For instance, if you manage a food blog and wanted to write about how to make a certain food and find that tons of blogs have done the same thing, consider writing the article on how to plate and present the dinner you were considering making, or maybe how you modified the recipe to your liking.

• If You Do Link to & Comment on Another Blog, Don’t Rehash

Nobody needs a play-by-play of a blog that’s already been written. Be sure to add your original thoughts about the blog you are linking to, or expound on how you have personally put the advice of the other blogger to good use.

• Choose Topics That Are Specific To You, & Your Expertise

The more you blog about your own personal experiences, the less you take the risk of sounding just like somebody else.

For instance, if you write a blog on the topic of personal finance, you could share how you personally got out of debt, quirky habits you put into practice to spend less money, the dynamics of how you and your spouse handle money, etc.

Remember: No one else lives in your shoes but you, and your readers want to hear how real individuals become successful in different aspects of life, and how they can apply that advice to themselves.

• Spend Time Writing Blogs

Unless you happen to be very lucky, good ideas don’t just come quickly out of thin air. If you begin to see that you are spending a mere 15-20 minutes on blogs and not putting any real effort into them, then you need to re-evaluate your blog strategy.

When you give yourself too little time to blog, you end up with the temptation to steal another blogger’s idea for a quick post on your own blog.

• Make A List

It’s a good idea for you to carry a notebook around with you when you are out and about so you can jot down blog ideas as they come to you and not forget about them. In fact, when you are about to write a blog, it is a good idea to write or type out a list of original angles you can take on old, worn-out ideas before you start blogging.

• Recruit Guest Posters

Some days the well of blog ideas will simply run dry. That’s why it’s important to build contacts and relationships with fellow bloggers (or expert friends) who can send a fresh guest post to you every now and then. Just be aware that guest posting is a two-way street; if you ask for someone to send you a blog, be prepared to write blogs for them when they need help.

The Bottom Line

Nobody wants to read blogs on topics that have already been written about a thousand times. Find a way to come up with more original content and stay away from the bad habit of linking to other people’s blogs only to write about same thing they did.

Share your comments on the importance of writing original blog content by writing on the great comment form below.

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George May 11, 2011 at 11:22 pm

I completely agree with you Tim, that writers/bloggers needs to stop writing the same article which is pasted all over the internet. Readers are always on the look out to read something new. Original content is surely going to stay so whether the article is a masterpiece or a perfectly spun article, as long as the readers can get juice the post is going to survive the Google Panda.

Erwin@natural soap zone September 2, 2011 at 7:49 pm

For those who wish to run a “professinal” blog this is some very good advice. Still, if you chose what blog posts you want to “copy” – and by that I mean linking to something you found interesting and commenting on it – it can provide a lot of value. Often people appreciate if you point them in the direction of excellent content they are interested in.

Kyle @ Ways to Make Money September 3, 2011 at 9:00 am

I think a great way to come up with original content is to review someone else’s article. Whenever you issue an opinion on someone else’s work, you are almost assured that the content will be original.

I think your idea of bringing on guest bloggers is a great idea too. It gives you a little break when you can’t come up with anything. 🙂

Martin@Essence of Argan September 17, 2011 at 1:15 am

I also agree, very often posts with the same subject and conclusion is pasted all over the internet without providing any new information. I think it is important not only to produce original content but also have your own writing style.

These days especially marketers are more keen on making Google happy than the actual readers

Janett November 12, 2011 at 5:39 pm

Write original content on the blog more easily by writing what we like and we know.

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