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This is a guest post by Febap Liew who is writing about video marketing in this post. Visit his blog at BlogXic.com to explore more about blogging and making money online.

In an unannounced bonus within Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business, he has dedicated a section that greatly emphasized on the power of video marketing.

This marketing strategy itself has proof to significantly boost part of my internet business revenues. If you are not using this as a way to promote your websites or your internet business, you are really missing out.

Not Just Any Ordinary Kind Of Video Marketing But Viral Marketing Videos

Viral videos are short clips which get passed around the ‘net like wildfire. They are linked to from thousands of websites. They are forwarded from inbox to inbox, either for laughs, inspiration or just the “wow” factor.  Video marketing is not just all about creating, submitting and waiting for it to prospect, it should hold significant values that would unleash a tremendous viral arsenal across the internet sphere.

Imagine unleashing a viral video of your own. When you apply this method to your business, you get a triple return on investment in the form of:

“Solid traffic, Buzz and Branding”

It’s almost unbeatable in its effectiveness. The more popular your video, the more likely you are to receive coverage in other news media.

Unleashing Your Media Virus – The Right Way

Let’s talk a bit about the subject of targeting here. Admittedly, it is a bit harder to start out working on a scope of targeted audience when applied in such a context here. You need to create something with a broad appeal so that the maximum number of people will pass it around.

However, you don’t want to create something so far removed from your business identity that people get confused, don’t get the message or develop a negative perception of your business.  Comes at the end of the day, it is still a marketing strategy and not entertainment.

You don’t want to send out a gruesome video of some guy getting eaten by an alligator alive, the flash www.party-gifts-for-children.com on the screen.

Then again, if you have a ‘fake’ video of children partying around an alligator happily by using one of your products, that would certainly work because: it emphasize the effectiveness of the products in keeping the children happy despite having an alligator around, it’s funny, it has a happy ending, and it relates well with what your internet business is trying to offer.

I have come to believe that every viral media comes with a ‘hook’. The ‘hook’ to such content is often:

  • Very comical
  • Very bizarre
  • Raise appropriate question
  • Very scary or ‘gross’ ( seriously )
  • Unbelievable
  • Creates a “how did you do that??” effect
  • Inspirational and heart warming

Case Study : Do you remember the Chicken?

Burger King and the Subservient Chicken

Now I am not too sure you ever come across  such an internet ad by Burger King but finely, I consider it to be one of the most effective viral video marketing examples of all times.

Some time ago, Burger King launched an internet campaign to promote their new “BK Tendercrisp” chicken sandwich. They set up a site at this address: http://www.subservientchicken.com . The ad and website is still in existence. You may want to have a look at it.

The subservient chicken is a man in chicken suit that stands in an anonymous living room; as you can see – and in position ready to take your order. You can tell him to jump, flap wing, do a little dance, sing a song, etc by typing in the commands on the filled up space given.

None of this is live eventually however, that was the catch. It all really looks as if it’s live on a web camera, isn’t it.

If you typed in the correct keywords, the script that’s running the show will pull the appropriate video database out and makes it look as if he is following your command in real time. Try typing in something unusual though and the chicken will just scratch his head like he doesn’t understand.

Part of the game was figuring out how to stump him. The other part of it involved figuring out how to ‘reverse engineer’ the site and get the chicken to do ‘naughty things’. In any case, people were stuck onto it and would spend time on it.

This campaign generated a lot of buzz and loads of viral traffic.  In fact the site garnered close to 14 million hits at last count. Bloggers and chat room participants were the primary ‘vectors’ for viral transmission of the URL.

So did the campaign pay off for Burger King?

Definitely. When this campaign launched in March 2004, there was an immediate and measurable increase in sales of 9% a week – and Burger King was able to shoot up to the number one position leader in chicken sandwich sales – a spot they’d never managed to attain previously.

Creating Your Own Viral Video

Therefore, as I have mentioned, video marketing isn’t just all about submitting videos. It could be interactive as how the given example above has shown. Don’t limit yourself to what you just ‘have’ and ‘know’. Find a ‘hook’. You could write a funny song or even create a ‘fake’ interview.

“Let’s say you are selling ‘polar bear’ fur coats. You could borrow the ‘interview’ concept and roll that into “Interviews with a Polar Bear!”

Sound like too much work? No problem. Remember that you can always create something really simple out of public domain content or licensed content. Or perhaps you are short of skills and equipment; you’ll probably want to hire out this type of media creation work. Websites such as www.freelancer.com , www.elance.com or www.rentacoder.com can provide you with the outsourcing skills you would need.

Once you have created your own viral video, there are various free distribution service provided by www.youtube.com or http://video.google.com/videouploadform.

Within the 24 Hour Internet Business by Ewen Chia, he provides a comprehensive section to “Video Marketing Secrets Exposed!”

In it, you will learn from the Internet Guru himself about the best ways to go about creating the best video marketing media for your internet business. Issues such as “creating killer scripts for your slideshow”, “paying attention to buyer keywords”, “the best marketing video submission site for total exposure” and much more will be exposed inside.

So make sure to read a complete detailed product review of Ewen Chia’s 24 Hour Internet Business here.

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Viral marketing videos can really be a big help in getting traffics of your website. But still we have to study it further for the best application and to avoid problems.
This is more exciting and and enjoyable. Thanks a lot for sharing it to us. I want to try it on my own also and let see how it will work for us.

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