10 Basic Tips to Remember While Creating Blogs

by Bilal Ahmad · 41 comments

This is a guest post by Bilal Ahmed from TechMaish.com, blogging today to tell us some basic tips to keep in mind while creating/managing blogs.

Blogging is a very profitable and stable business, but the competition has made it very difficult for newbies to enter in this field.

The reasons are so many, e.g lack of knowledge and confidence, less experience, desire of getting popular in short time, expecting things is short span of time, coming up with competitive topics, not reading and following recommendations of the popular bloggers, monotony and having no proper business plan and so on…..

The only way for a newbie in this competitive environment is to stand out of the crowd.

In order to stand of the crowd, newbie is advised to start with a effective business plan and continue with the right steps. In blogging, blog is the first thing that will differentiate you from the rest. Blog must be very creative and well designed so that your readers can enjoy while reading it.

There are some tips, if you keep them in mind while blogging, you may create magic in the readers mind:

1. Attractive Design: We like anything on internet, if the matter is soothing to our eyes. Hence, this is very important to design your blog well not only that but it should be user friendly also.

2. Font Style, Size and Colors: Fonts that you use in your blog must be clear and easily decipherable never use the fonts such as Old English Text MT, Magneto etc. Even remember the fonts are not very large or very tiny while you are writing a blog must use the 12-14 size. We are aware that light color suits to dark background and dark to the light.

3. Images: Always add some images in your Blog that gives visual effects to the reader as we know that only reading can bore you and your eyes.

4. Proportionate the Sidebar: Give equal weightage to each and every portion of the blog. Do not enlarge the sidebars it makes the blog look yuck. Always keep the important points in the sidebars. This also helps you at the time when you get any advertise to post on your blog.

5. Don’t Overload the Blog: While writing a blog, remember that you write point to point. Do not use long sentences. Never use excessive images or description.

6. Highlight the Links: Always remember that the links given in the blog must be highlighted well. Thus, the links will stand out from the other contents.

7. Let Readers Make The Choice: Never keep the auto start music or videos in your blog. Let you readers decide if they want them or not. The auto playing music and videos take too much bandwidth and slow down the speed of PC. Always keep your videos in the sidebar, so that they are in sight.

8. Generate Sitemap & Navigation: It is advisable to create a sitemap in your blog. By doing so your blog will enable search engine spiders to know where to go. You can provide a search box in your blog where readers can search for keywords and find the relevant matter they are looking for.  Always set your archives by category and by months.

9. Approachable Contact and Subscription Links: If you want to have followers, readers and subscribers who can visit you on regular basis, locate your feed, social-networking links and subscription links easily approachable for readers.

10. Remove Captchas and Have a Favicon: Captchas can create a trouble for visitor in leaving comment as sometimes, the text is very small & unclear to read and sometimes it takes more than one attempt to follow Captchas procedure. So you should remove Captchas to get maximum visitors’ comment. More over your blog should have identity which facilitates readers to search your blog in a big clump. For this propose, creating Favicon is perfect choice.

I hope you would have found this article nice. Please share your comments below and let us know if you consider some more basic tips that a blogger should know while he is blogging.

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Bilal Ahmad is a part time blogger running two blogs, TechMaish.com- A Adsense Revenue Sharing and Guest Blogging Blog and WPPluginsBlog.net- A Blog where you can find wordpress plugins reviews and tutorials.

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Usama September 28, 2010 at 5:03 pm

You are right the auto start music or video overloads the bandwidth and is utmost annoying. Let the user decide.
Thanks. The tips are superb.

Usman October 1, 2010 at 7:16 pm

I agree Blog Design is one of the most vital aspects any Blogger has to look for because Blog Design determines How Much user’s will visit the blog again

akira07 October 1, 2010 at 8:02 pm

Captcha images is ok, but please use the simple one just like “Please enter 1+1” or something like that. But i have no compromize with music, well i just have not good internet access and automatic music feature will only makes me annoyed.

Grant October 2, 2010 at 9:59 pm

I agree with the images tip. I see so many blogs that are well designed and well written but the images are really poor, badly taken photos or cheap and nasty stock shots dont help an article they bring it down. The photos on a blog are the first thing people look at- so if they are poor, then most readers dont get past them. Grant

Kristy Berends October 3, 2010 at 2:18 am

Good tips, I agree with Usama on not starting the video and music automoatically. It might even imact how google measures your site speed.

Jason October 13, 2010 at 9:37 pm

Whiler reading through this list – one thing comes up my mind. And yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes. It’s all so true. It’s like teeny tiny little bad faults a blogger can easily be doing. “Font Style, Size and Colors” is what most readers are concerned about (even while they wouldn’t know it). I realized that I personally read better when I read off of blogs with bigger fonts.
The other pesky little mistake is also always that sentence structures: “Don’t Overload the Blog”.

I think in most cases I write too long paragraphs that I myself don’t even want to read!

Will be more aware of what I ‘m doing next time I write something. Thanks.

Raj October 28, 2010 at 12:14 am

Design and Font style should be unique as this present the first sight to visitor. If the visitor is satisfied in first sight,hopefully he will also explore the blog.

Aaron November 20, 2010 at 3:20 pm

Appealing web design is a must! Actually, every blogger must consider it because it will create a problem if the site is not easy to navigate. Also the commenting part, the use of captcha can be very annoying especially if it’s not readable.

James Francisco March 18, 2011 at 4:48 am

I agree attractive design is very important in every blog. You have to make a good impression to first time visitors, to get them to come back.First impressions do last and you never get a second chance to create a first impression.

George June 13, 2011 at 3:25 pm

Hey Bilal,
The techniques you’ve pointed out are completely true. There is no fast way to success because those who’re earning unbelievable figures have also struggled and invested a lot of money. Regarding captchas, I agree its for the sake of security but it is very annoying when the captchas are too tangled, too light or the characters are too small. These captchas sometimes tests my patience.

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