T3Leads Review – Pay Per Lead Affiliate Network Introduces It’s Third-Gen Platform

by Sushant Risodkar · 10 comments

You might have heard of people that happen to be making lots of money sitting at home without selling any product for them to earn money from. In which case you wonder, how they are doing it?

The answer is quite simple. These people make money online simply by using a pay per lead program which they got from one of the pay per lead affiliate marketing network.

I am also promoting some clickbank’s lead based program (from a secret source) for which I earn money on every lead (name and email submit) and also make money on every successful purchase of that product. Well, I am not going to discuss how I do that. Today, I want to introduce a new, or I must say, The Third-Generation of T3leads pay per lead affiliate network.

What Is T3Leads?

T3leads is a leading pay per lead affiliate network, which has recently launched the third generation of its online platform. This affiliate network specializes in offering various lead programs related to payday loans, loan modifications, auto loans and many other financial deals. The new system offers a host of helpful upgrades for both Merchants and Affiliates alike. If you remember, I also reviewed T3leads in past and I can easily experience many nice changes from that time.

What’s New In T3Leads Affiliate Network And How It Is?

The Third-Gen of T3leads has got some nice improvements in their new platform for both the affiliates and merchants. But since we (most of the the readers here) are affiliates; so I will point towards improvements made for affiliates.

The first thing I experienced in the new platform was – improvement in speed. The earlier platform used to operate bit slow sometimes like when generating reports, or generating affiliate tracking code etc. But the new platform, due to use of Ajax and other speed optimization techniques has made it work quite well.

Secondly, the navigation has been made simpler; thanks to the new dashboard that makes it happen. And the design is also quite nice which gives you “feels good” kind of experience.

The thing I am missing in the new platform is the information that tells how much will I earn by promoting a xyz program. This thing was available in the previous platform (plus the handy keywords list) as I can see while switching back to the older version of t3leads.

How Will I Make Money Online With T3leads?

That’s what will be the question jumping in most of the people’s mind when they will start exploring T3leads for the very first time. Even, I asked this question myself when I first joined t3leads almost a year back.

T3leads use its own websites to generate leads for merchants and affiliates have to promote these websites in order to make money online with t3leads.

Alternatively, you can look out for the “private sites” section. T3leads gives you an option to upload their CMS to our servers in order to promote these pay per lead programs. It’s content management system is very easy to install (you can follow their step-by-step manual) and use. It consists of variety of optimized and prebuilt website templates for lead collection and hence enabling you to make money with t3leads.

If you don’t want to use their cms, then you can simply generate javascript forms choosing from variety of available templates and then insert it manually in your website. Immediately, you will start yourself earning money with every successful lead generated.

How Much Money Will I Make With T3leads?

As I told before, T3leads is not “that too easy” to understand pay per lead network. Like other affiliate networks gives you the information regarding the amount they will be earning for a specific program; t3leads, hides this thing. There is no easy way I could find that tells me that important information (or maybe it is buried deep somewhere).

But I can guess one thing… Since Payday leads are very valuable one, then the income would obviously be quite good.

Here are few important FAQ that I found regarding T3leads which you may find useful if you are moving onto it.

Q1. What are the minimum requirements for a Payday Lead sale?

Ans. The customer must meet the following criteria: U.S. Citizen, at least 18 years of age, valid checking account with direct deposit, and be currently employed or receiving regular income.

Q2. How is a valid Payday Loan lead measured?

Ans. A genuine, non-incentivized full application completed by a customer on a secure website with targeted traffic.

Those two questions are what most people are looking for after joining t3leads and I hope I have saved your bit of time.

T3leads continues to offer lucrative prizes to top 10 marketers from time to time that are highly active and providing great sales. If you are one of those who think that you have the ability to make money online by promoting pay per lead program, then why don’t you consider joining t3leads?


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Tuan October 28, 2010 at 10:15 pm

I’ve read some reviews about T3Leads. Pay per lead programs are awesome, particularly when they are paying that amount! It’s easier to convert than pay per sale that’s for sure.

Shiva October 29, 2010 at 12:39 pm

I also think Pay Per Lead Programs are easier to Convert for Pay Per Sale. Till now I have not used any Pay Per Leads Program but I am surely going to give this one a go

Rahul October 30, 2010 at 7:12 am

i have been hearing about Pay per lead programs actually ! and that was very good from the beginning , tips and instruction wee clear, i’ll be giving it a try !! 🙂

Raj October 30, 2010 at 10:53 am

T3Leads have limited scope and when its horizon will be wide it will do actual business.Now it is only limited to US citizens.

Jenny December 6, 2010 at 1:32 pm

After read your post and comment I feel Pay Per Lead Programs is really great and now I think to use this in my blog.

Ted H December 18, 2010 at 3:30 am

Thank you for your post. This is excellent information.
Your readers should know that T3leads now pays up to $120 for prime traffic, and top publishers are receiving up to $115 per lead. For more information, check out the “News” on T3leads’ website, “T3leads Breaks Open Piggy Bank for Top Publishers.”

John February 11, 2011 at 9:08 am

T3leads together with LeadClick are the best pay per lead affiliate networks. I have used them for a long time and must admit that EPC (earning per click) offered by them is the best on the market.
Take care and good luck with T3Leads

Jenny Smith@online loans May 31, 2011 at 5:05 pm

I’ve been a member of T3Leads before, but made no money about them. Most of their leads are credit cards, loans, debt consolidations and insurances. They are an old affiliate network, but considered to be potential in earning money with them. They also have an option that they can create website for affiliates as a landing page for each T3Lead product, but I don’t know what’s their new system now.

Chan August 3, 2011 at 5:31 pm

T3leads as well as LeadClick work most effectively pay per lead affiliate networks. I have used them for some time and must admit that EPC (earning per click) made available from them is the foremost available on the market.
Be careful and enjoy T3Leads

Robert November 5, 2012 at 12:05 pm

I am a new T3Leads affiliate that had some problems setting up my site, but T3Leads support was very helpful in getting the problem resolved.

As an affiliate It is also advisable to have a secure https site so that people entering personal information know that their information is being encrypted when sent to the lenders site.

I hope for a good working relationship with the company and that with on and off page seo to eventually get good organic traffic to my new site, as ppc traffic is very competitive/expensive in this niche.


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