How To Craft Search Engine Optimized Titles That Get Clicks

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Facing traffic troubles? Did you know that you can improve your search engine traffic just by making some simple changes to your title of the article? Did you know that using an attractive seo title could increase clickthrough rate i.e. more and more people checking out your page?

There are two parts of creating an effective title for your web page and blog titles: search engine optimization and link baiting.

With these two elements, your pages will both rank well within search engines and increase click through which equals even more traffic.

In this article, you’re going to learn how to craft search engine optimized titles that gain clicks.

1. Research The RIGHT Keywords

Keywords are important; Really Important.

To be effective with search engine optimization, you will need to choose the correct keywords that web users are searching for – not simply picking randomly.

Using the right keyword will make all the difference for your search results.

To find your keywords, you will need to use right tools. Not just any tool, you need powerful keyword tools.

The three most helpful tools to find keywords for search engine optimization are:

Whichever you choose, you will be able to see exactly what users are searching on with their preferred search engine.

Simply plug in your keyword and you’ll be given a list of keywords and phrases related to your query. These are the keywords you want to use for your search engine optimized titles.

2. Research Your Competition

Competition can be fierce depending on what keyword you’re aiming for. For this reason, the easiest path to gain high search engine rankings with keywords is to target the long-tail keyword.

The long-tail pertains to keyword phrases rather than single keywords.

Even though a single keyword may receive millions of searches, the amount of competition and marketing capabilities of competitors will make it nearly impossible to rank for your single keyword.

Instead, look for phrases which users are searching on. Instead of “shoes”, go for phrases such as “blue jogging shoes for women”.

Yes, these phrases have fewer searches overall but it will be much easier to reach top ranks once your titles are optimized.

Additionally, users which search using long-tail keyword phrases are more likely to convert into customers or subscribers.

After you’ve determined your long-tail keywords, use plugins such as the SEO plugin for Firefox to view backlinks, page rank and site value. If a page has only a few backlinks and low page rank, you have a much easier chance to rank high using your search engine optimized title.

3. Increase Your Clickthrough Using Linkbait

Link bait doesn’t necessarily mean tricking users by creating deceitful page titles.

Instead, linkbait refers to crafting both search engine optimized titles which also entice users to click by presenting a clear value.

Quickly think this over, what would you click:

  • Blue Women’s Jogging Shoes |
  • The 10 Best Blue Jogging Shoes For Women

The difference is obvious – the second title gives the users plenty of information up front about what the article is about but has its own opinion by including ‘best’.

People love top 10, resources, how-to’s and other forms of highly informational posts. These types of posts create great linkbait which increases the clickthrough.

So if you create an search engine friendly title that ranks well, you should also make it a clear point to create a title people want to click on otherwise your efforts are voided.

Do read 5 Killer Secrets To Writing Magnetic Titles that will help you in this technique.

4. Search Engine Optimized Titles: Best Practice

Although it’s subjective to your website, there are a few formulas that work well when crafting search engine optimized titles.

Here are a few formulas:

  • Keyword + Phrase
  • Keyword Phrase | Website Name
  • Website Name | Keyword Phrase

One of the best ways to optimize your titles is to place the keyword at the front of your title giving the search engine spiders a clear idea of what the article is about and what keywords you’re going after.

Bring It All Together

By combining search engine optimized keywords and linkbait style titles, you will see an increase in both search engine rank and clickthrough with each of your pages.

The higher you rank and better your clickthrough, the better amount of traffic you will generate with each of your pages.

Keep each of these tips and suggestions in mind next time you create a new article, web page or blog post and you’ll see search engine success beyond what you’ll ever imagine.

Do let me know what technique YOU are utilizing to increase clickthrough rate from search engines. This would help us learn from your experience. So please use the comment form below to share your ideas and thoughts.

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Marie Ann March 31, 2011 at 11:16 am

Yes! we should be aware in searching the right keyword for it is the first step that would lead you to the right way. It is just like driving car and following the right signal. Surely you will have the great success!

George June 13, 2011 at 3:05 pm

Very informative, Sushant. How we use the SEO techniques is a great priority and each point has been perfectly laid down. I have experimented with the long-tail keyword and it has proved result oriented but one key factor is optimization. Unlike short keywords long-tail keywords have less competition but the way to a high PR is less thorny.

Akash Kumar October 25, 2011 at 7:22 pm

To get clicks all you need to do is be natural. Write a title that contains not more than 2-3 primary keywords such that they are able to describe what the page is all about.

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