Sheer Seo Review: Helping You Track Your Search Engine Rankings

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Anyone who is serious about running a business these days definitely needs to keep track of their search engine optimization process. It’s surprising that more businesses aren’t educated on the importance of search engines imitation and what it can mean for their overall bottom line.

I understand that sometimes search engine optimization might seem rather intimidating and complicated.

But even if you don’t understand it, there are paid professionals and businesses that make it their number one job to understand search engine optimization. These professionals and businesses can help you to start keeping track of such matters. They can handle all of the legwork for you, or more importantly make it easy for you to keep track without having to be a search engine optimization wizard.

One such business that can help you do that would be Sheer SEO.

What Sheer SEO Can Do For You?

Sheer SEO is a web-based seo software that makes things easy for people who are trying to establish a web presence but are not well educated about search engine optimization and only know little bit on how search engine ranks a website. Sheer SEO helps someone with a website gather all of their important search engine information/statistics in one place for better understanding of their progress. People will be able to understand some of the important fine points that make or break their web presence such as the following:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Pagerank analysis
  • Competition analysis

(You can check out the demo of Sheer SEO here)

No one who isn’t properly educated about search engine optimization will be able to set aside the time to keep up with these types of things by themselves. And even if they do, they may find themselves becoming overwhelmed by the entire process.

Sheer SEO makes all of this easy for the average user. And not only this, but they offer options to help in any one of these areas should they find them weak for a given website. They also make it easy for a website owner to engage in simple operations which will help to improve their own website rankings. And if a website owner doesn’t have the time to do it; a lot of automated features are offered to speed up the process.

Why You Should Be Tracking Your Rankings?

Well, the main aim of Sheer SEO is to help you arrange a system that will track the changes happening to your search engine rankings for a given keyword. But the main question here is that why one should keep track on their search engine rankings regularly?

Anyone who is trying to establish a web presence definitely needs to be tracking their rankings at all times. Only those businesses featured on the front page of major search engines such as Google will benefit from any serious traffic generated for a given keyword. If you fall off the first page it is going to be very hard for you to benefit from that crucial search engine traffic.

By tracking your website changes in search rankings, you can optimize your seo campaign more properly that could ultimately help you improve your search rankings more for a given keyword and help stay ahead of other competitors everytime. This way you can fix your website on the front page of Google as if you used a gluestick for it :D.

Is All Of This Affordable For The Average Website Owner?

Being able to give everyone access to these types of features is very important. Which is why Sheer SEO offers plans that are very competitive and affordable. They even offer a 90 days trial so that a website owner can see whether or not they like the services and if they can actually help them.

According to me, You can easily go with the Light Package that just costs $7/mo and in return you can track 20 keywords for any one of your website. It’s best for small business owners or for those who just want to keep working on one of their best profiting website.

You can check out all the available packages of Sheer SEO here.

One Last Note

Sheer SEO is competitively priced, and by using it you are sure going to learn something about seo game. Using this you will know what seo campaigns that you recently started are benefiting or attacking your search rankings. But do remember that Sheer SEO is just a tracking software. It doesn’t does any magic to your search rankings directly (except the semi-automated directory submission feature being offered).

YOU WILL have to build backlinks on your own from various methods; you will have to do proper keyword analysis on your own; you will have to choose yourself what’s the right method for improving your search rankings. Sheer SEO is just a way to tell you the results of the work you are doing, Nothing more than that…

The competition is doing all it can to stay at the top of the major search engines. Your website will be left in the background if you are not constantly on top of such things like pagerank, keyword density, backlinks; alongwith competition. So even if you aren’t a SEO person, you can easily benefit from using Sheer SEO software and can dramatically improve your seo campaign.


Let me know whether you keep track of your search engine rankings. If you are doing so, what tool or method you are using to keep track on it. Do you think keeping tracking on your search engine movements can help in someway? Let me know all this and more by commenting below.

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