7 Ways to Make Your Visitors Leave

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This is a guest post by Liorl who is a web consultant and today, he will be telling us 7 Ways to make your precious visitors leave your blog immediately 😀 So make sure you are not doing anything like this and avoid most of these ways if you can. You can follow him on Twitter @liorl

The simple truth is that, even on the best sites, most visitors leave after reading just one page.

However, there is a big difference between getting visitors what they need in one click and turning them away in disgust. Those who get their needs met will likely come back and, eventually, may subscribe. Those who run away screaming will make it a point to never come back.

So what are some of the things that sites do to make visitors slam the door on the way out? There are many but here are seven of the more issues on the Web.

7. Have Too Few Comments

Many visitors are instantly turned off by sites that have a small number of comments because they view it as the site being either boring or being poorly-visited. You can help this some by changing your “0 Comments” text to read “Leave a Comment” but you need to do everything you can to encourage comments on your site.

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6. Use Boring Titles

Your titles are the first thing most people read and, if they are not interesting, people will think your posts are boring too and leave. Focus on writing better blog titles and use the title as a chance to draw the reader in.

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5. Put up Too Much Advertising

Most readers are actually fairly tolerant of ads on a site. There’s a general understanding that websites have to pay the bills but, when advertising begins to actively get in the way of the content, readers head for the doors.

Try to keep your advertising in balance with your content and not let it overwhelm your work. If you do, your visitors will thank you by sticking around.

4. Have an Ugly Design

Though there are literally thousands of great themes for nearly all blogging platforms, this does not mean you can just pick one and go. Making your site look good means taking the time to make sure your theme looks right and fits your site. If your theme looks amateurish, people are going to assume the content is amateurish too and leave in a hurry.

3. Use Popups, of Any Kind

Too much advertising is bad, but having popups, including anything that either lays on top of the content or opens up in a new window, is a sure-fire way to make your visitors click the “back” button. This includes those popups that ask for email addresses for a mailing list, give a chance to chat with a “representative” and so forth. Anything that actively hides the content is likely to be met with a very negative reaction.

2. Play Sound

If your site plays sound with direct permission from the visitor, you can be assured most will pause on your site just long enough to curse you under the breath before leaving. This is an especially large issue for those surfing the Web in libraries, computer labs and other public places.

1. Give them a “Site Not Found/Slow Loading Page”

Of course, the quickest way to turn visitors away from your site is to have them click a link and then nothing load up at all. If your site is down or is just severely slow loading, you can expect that your visitors are going to click away in droves. They might not walk away hating your site, but they won’t be racing to come back either.


The good news is that these are all fairly easy mistakes to avoid. Of all the potential problems, only using a good theme requires any real work and the rest require either just some thought, minor adjustments or simply not abusing your visitors.

In the end, if you show your visitors respect, they will do the same to you. They may not click a second page, but they certainly won’t go out of their way to avoid you.

That, in turn, at least makes it possible to build a long-term relationship in the future.

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